Rhyming Pitching Matchups

Jayson Stark posed this question this morning:

This is right up the VORG’s alley.  With the Retrosheet gamelogs accessed, I compiled a list.

This list is NOT an all-inclusive gathering of all rhyming pitching duos. It represents only those pairs where dropping the first letter of each of their last names leaves the same trailing letters (ex. Cain and Sain both leave “ain”). It does NOT include alternate spellings that would also rhyme, like Matt Cain and John Maine, who actually did face off against each other on June 4, 2008. Additionally, this list only goes through 2015 and only deals with starting pitchers. With all that being said, here are the couplets, with links to the box scores:

date vteam vlg hteam hlg VisSP HomeSP
19180503 WS1 AL PHA AL Ayers Myers
19200818 DET AL BOS AL Ayers Myers
19520826 SLA AL NYA AL Cain Sain
20130409 NYN NL PHI NL Gee Lee
20120509 NYN NL PHI NL Gee Lee
20110822 NYN NL PHI NL Gee Lee
20000403 SFN NL FLO NL Hernandez Fernandez
20030809 MON NL HOU NL Hernandez Fernandez
19520817 CIN NL SLN NL Hiller Miller
19970902 DET AL ATL NL Keagle Neagle
20120530 PHI NL NYN NL Lee Gee
19530530 BOS AL WS1 AL Nixon Dixon
19820518 OAK AL DET AL Norris Morris
19610429 CLE AL NYA AL Perry Terry
19520623 NYA AL SLA AL Sain Cain
19610820 NYA AL CLE AL Terry Perry
19600911 NYA AL CLE AL Terry Perry
19750510 CHA AL CLE AL Wood Hood

This second list is generated by dropping the first letter of only one of the pitchers:

date vteam vlg hteam hlg VisSP HomeSP
19140923 CIN NL BSN NL Ames James
19140513 BSN NL CIN NL James Ames
19900711 OAK AL MIN AL Sanderson Anderson

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