And all the Runs were Scored 2 by 2

It was late Saturday night. The Padres had just scored two runs in the top of the twelfth to take an 8-6 lead on the Brewers. I was skimming the boxscore when I noticed that all the runs have been scored in two-run half-inning increments. I tweeted to fellow stat geek Doug Kern about this novelty.

He normally would have been more interested, but it was quite late, and the point was at that moment being rendered moot. 🙂

The “one” was a Jonathan Lucroy homer in the bottom of the inning, leaving the Padres with an 8-7 victory.

But still, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity.

I went to my collection of Retrosheet gamelogs and searched for the most two-run innings in the linescores, seeking those without any other “crooked numbers”.

It appears that had Lucroy NOT homered, the teams would have only tied the all-time record, originally set in a game on July 7, 1951. In that contest, a regulation nine-inning affair, the Reds held on to beat the Cubs by that same 8-6 score.



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