Zee Matchup was Zee Wonderful

Another day, another question for the VORG from the Twitterverse:
Is Ziegler vs Zunino the highest alphabetical matchup in baseball history? Opposite of Aardsma vs Aaron if they ever faced each other?

Using the Baseball Reference Play Index for batter versus pitcher matchups, I found that Ziegler versus Zunino takes its rightful place between (along side?) these two matchups:

Gus Zernial vs. George Zuverink

Ben Zobrist vs. Joel Zumaya

(Zobrist also faced David Aardsma a few times, for good measure)

In terms of the start of the alphabet, it appears that the matchup of David Aardsma and Reggie Abercrombie is in the same vicinity as the following matchups:

Hank Aaron vs. Glenn Abbott

Tommie Aaron vs. Ted Abernathy

Don Aase vs. Shawn Abner

1 thought on “Zee Matchup was Zee Wonderful

  1. That Zernial-Zuverink matchup is also interesting for another reason: Zernial’s three home runs off Zuverink all came as a pinch hitter. (Baseball Reference’s Event Finder shows no batter hitting more than three pinch-hit home runs off any individual pitcher.) Zernial’s three-run homer in the bottom of the sixth on May 24, 1955, tied his A’s with the Tigers 5-5; his three-run walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth on July 20, 1957, turned a 5-3 Orioles lead into a 6-5 A’s win; and his solo shot for the Tigers leading off the bottom of the 9th of the first game on May 4, 1958, cut the Orioles’ lead to 4-3, which was the eventual final score.

    For his career Zernial was 8 for 12 off Zuverink with a double, three home runs and eight RBIs.

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