No Weekend Baseball in New York!

This weekend is a rare one in New York City. Neither the Mets nor the Yankees are at home. The Mets are in San Francisco and the Yankees are visiting Anaheim.  Citi Field is instead hosting a concert by the Zac Brown Band, while Yankee Stadium is the site of the annual Damon Runyon 5K. Here are the prior instances of a MLB-free weekend in New York:

Weekend of (Saturday date): TEAM AT
1984-04-07 NYA TEX
1984-04-07 NYN HOU
1993-06-05 NYA TEX
1993-06-05 NYN HOU
1995-07-08 NYA TEX
1995-07-08 NYN PIT
1997-04-05 NYN SFN
1997-04-05 NYA OAK
1998-04-18 NYA DET
1998-04-18 NYN CIN
1999-06-26 NYA BAL
1999-06-26 NYN ATL
1999-07-31 NYA BOS
1999-07-31 NYN CHN
2004-05-29 NYN FLO
2004-05-29 NYA TBA
2005-09-03 NYA OAK
2005-09-03 NYN FLO
2008-04-19 NYN PHI
2008-04-19 NYA BAL
2009-04-11 NYN FLO
2009-04-11 NYA KCA
2011-09-17 NYN ATL
2011-09-17 NYA TOR
2012-09-29 NYA TOR
2012-09-29 NYN ATL
2013-08-17 NYA BOS
2013-08-17 NYN SDN
2014-06-07 NYA KCA
2014-06-07 NYN SFN

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