Batting Orders in Player Age Order

There has been only two instances of a batting order in birthdate order, and both of them started with the youngest player and move to the oldest:

July 10, 1993 Padres at Expos

EXPOS Birthdate
Delino DeShields 1/15/1969
Mike Lansing 4/3/1968
Marquis Grissom 4/17/1967
Larry Walker 12/1/1966
Darrin Fletcher 10/3/1966
Moises Alou 7/3/1966
Frank Bolick 6/28/1966
Sean Berry 3/22/1966
Jeff Fassero 1/5/1963

July 13, 1935 Boston Braves at Cubs

BRAVES Birthdate
Joe Coscarart 11/18/1909
Buck Jordan 1/16/1907
Randy Moore 6/21/1906
Wally Berger 10/10/1905
Hal Lee 2/15/1905
Pinky Whitney 1/2/1905
Billy Urbanski 6/5/1903
Al Spohrer 12/3/1902
Bob Smith 4/22/1895

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