The VORG’s 2016 “Nate Silver Slugger Awards”

Since 1980, Louisville Slugger has given out the “Silver Slugger Award“, described as follows:

The Louisville Slugger Silver Slugger Awards are the top offensive honor in Major League Baseball ®. Coaches and managers of Major League teams vote for the players they feel are the best offensive producers at each position in the field in both the American and National Leagues. They base their selections on a combination of offensive statistics including batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage, as well as the coaches’ and managers’ general impressions of a player’s overall offensive value.

In 2013, the VORG gave out the first annual “Nate Silver Slugger Award,” bestowed to those batters at each position who came closest to slugging .538 (after Mr. Silver’s data-driven analytics site).

Here are this year’s players who slugged closest to .538 (on either side of it). Ties for the award are given to whichever player has the higher number of plate appearances.  As an aside, two players slugged EXACTLY .538 in 2016.

The envelope please . . .

American League:
Name SLG PA Pos
Jonathan Lucroy .539 168 C
Miguel Cabrera (*) .563 679 1B
Robinson Cano .533 715 2B
Manny Machado .533 696 3B
Brad Miller .486 601 SS
Mookie Betts .534 730 OF
J.D. Martinez (*) .535 517 OF
Mark Trumbo .533 667 OF
Edwin Encarnacion .529 702 DH
National League:
Name SLG PA Pos
Ty Blach .500 4 P
Tomas Telis .538 13 C
Anthony Rizzo .544 676 1B
Ryan Schimpf .533 330 2B
Kris Bryant .554 699 3B
Corey Seager (*) .512 687 SS
Charlie Blackmon .552 641 OF
Ryan Braun .538 564 OF
Yoenis Cespedes .530 543 OF
(*) – also won this award in 2015

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