“Unoccupied” Career Totals Records – 2016 Update

Baseball is full of career records, with numbers that everyone can reference … 762, 511, 652, 4256.   But what about the numbers that no player currently has? The VORG wanted to know what is the LOWEST career total that no one is currently sitting on. In other words and as an example, does no one have exactly 67 career hits, and is that the lowest-such hit total?

After the 2015 season, we decided to find out, so we exported career statistics for nearly 17,000 players via Fangraphs, and sorted each stat column from low to high.  We then aggregated on each column one by one, looking for the lowest value which no player possessed.  Now of course, these figures change from season to season, as players “land on” new totals.  With the 2016 season in the books, its time to update the “record book”:


Games: 520
At-bats: 409 (unchanged from 2015)
Plate appearances: 520 (unchanged)
Hits: 377
Singles: 336
Doubles: 326
Triples: 122
Homers: 158 (unchanged)
Total bases: 420
Runs: 344 (unchanged)
RBI: 258 (unchanged)
Walks: 362
Strikeouts: 458 (unchanged)
Stolen bases: 157 (unchanged)
Batting average: .001 (after .001, lowest recorded is .016) (unchanged)


Wins: 180
Losses: 145 (unchanged)
ERA: 0.01 (after 0.01, lowest recorded is 0.49)
Games: 371 (unchanged)
Games started: 289 (unchanged)
Complete games: 130 (unchanged)
Shutouts: 47 (unchanged)
Saves: 94
Innings: 153.2 (unchanged)
Batters faced: 196
Hits: 341
Runs: 480
Homers: 189
Walks: 370 (unchanged)
Strikeouts: 341

The lowest number not spoken for in ANY of the above categories is 2,179.  No one has ended their career (or is currently sitting) with 2,179 of anything.



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