The VORG Holiday Songbook: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

In 2011, the VORG started rewriting holiday songs by replacing most/all of the lyrics with baseball player names.

We began with “12 Days of Christmas“.

We then moved onto  “Auld Land Syne“.

In 2012, we rewrote the lyrics to “The Dreidel Song“.

In 2013, it was a reimagining of “Winter Wonderland”.

In 2014, we added “Deck the Hall“ and offered up an improved “12 Days“.

We took 2015 off … but we’re back this year with an all-time favorite ….


Uno Dasher Endt Dancer Endt Prance Suhr Endt Vick Senne
Uno Kometani Cupid Endt Donner Endt Blitz Senne
Butt Due Yu Reek Call
Thie Most Fay Amos Rain Deer Uht Fall

Rudolph Thie Redd Knose Rain Deer
Hadden Vary Shy Nee Knose
Endt if Yu Evers Sawa Witt
Yu Woody Venn Cey Yett Glose
Olive Thie Uht Herr Rain Deer
Youse Tew Laffoon Call Lim Nay Ames
Day Nevers Lett Pour Rudolph
Joiner Enny Rain Deer Gay Ames

Henn Won Fogg Gies Christmas Eave,
Santa Cantu Cey,
Rudolph Witt Yore Knose So Bright,
Won’t Tew Guymon Slay Tew Knight

Then Howe Thie Rain Deer Love Lim,
Adz Day Show Ted out Witt Gleese,
Rudolph Thie Redd Knose Rain Deer
Ewell Goad Downing Hiss Torre

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