Long Last Name vs. Short Last Name At-Bats

Jayson Stark issued an alert ….

which referenced THIS tweet ….


and some folks chimed in with the ultimate a partial answer ….*

(* Loyal reader Richard Chester adds in Radhames Liz and Chris Ray)

That’s a difference of 11 letters (14 – 3)!

None of the two-letter surnamed pitchers ever faced batters with 13+ letters in their surname (and vice versa).

2-letter last name players:

Chin-lung Hu
Chia-Jen Lo
Chih-Wei Hu
Fu-Te Ni
Seung-hwan Oh

13+ letter last name players:

Gene DeMontreville
Lee DeMontreville
Kirk Dressendorfer
Todd Hollandsworth
Al Hollingsworth
Bonnie Hollingsworth
Austin Knickerbocker
Bill Knickerbocker
Ken Raffensberger
Lou Schiappacasse
Tim Spooneybarger
John Van Benschoten
William VanLandingham
Asher Wojciechowski
Steve Wojciechowski
Jarrod Saltalamacchia

4 thoughts on “Long Last Name vs. Short Last Name At-Bats

  1. I’ll propose Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry Gallagher (45) against James Lee Kaat (12), 11 plate appearances in 1973. Difference of 33 letters.

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