“Celebrity” Pitching Matchups

Various sports outlets and Twitter folks are noting tonight’s “Ray-Romano” pitching matchup in the Arizona-Cincinnati game.

Here are some more “celebrity” pitching matchups that have taken place (thanks to the gamelogs at Retrosheet):

19340522 SLN NY1 Dean Smith
19340719 SLN BSN Dean Smith
19360521 SLN NY1 Dean Smith
19350821 SLN BSN Dean Smith
19400724 PHA CLE Dean Smith
19410429 PHA CLE Dean Smith
19320428 SLN CHN Dean Smith
19210811 CHN PIT Alexander Hamilton
19230723 CHN PIT Alexander Hamilton
19230906 CHN PIT Alexander Hamilton
19830919 CAL KCA Curtis Jackson
19150422 CIN PIT Douglas Adams
19210725 NY1 PIT Douglas Adams
19210919 NY1 PIT Douglas Adams
19220520 NY1 PIT Douglas Adams
19900510 KCA TEX Gordon Brown
19931002 KCA TEX Gordon Brown
19530927 BOS NYA Henry Ford
19670425 CHA NYA John Ford
19960518 SLN COL Morgan Freeman
19700901 CLE WS2 Paul Brown
20160728 ARI MIL Ray Davies
19230730 NY1 PIT Scott Adams
19140816 CHA SLA Scott Hamilton
19140916 CHA SLA Scott Hamilton
19220816 NY1 PIT Scott Hamilton

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