Music-oriented Baseball Fantasy Team Names

Over on Facebook, in the Effectively Wild (Baseball Prospectus daily podcast) group, there is currently a discussion of music-oriented fantasy baseball team names.  Here are some of my suggestions so far:

Four Non-Bonds (if you think your team might be “one-hit wonders”, I suppose)

ChiCarGo (25 or 6 to 4 ….. would be a weird scoring description)

Duffy Dyer Straits (they are the Sultans of Swing and Miss?)

Jethro Tullowitzki (really don’t mind if he sits this one out, cause lately that’s all he dos)

Spinal Happ (with their song “Big Bottom (of the ninth)”

Twisted Fister (we’re not gonna take it, cause it sounds like it will hurt)

Ten CC Sabathia (the things we do for glove)

Naughty by Nate Schierholtz (he’s down in OBP)

Bat Pennantar (for you spoonerism fans out there)

The Tragically WHIP (could be combined with “Ratiohead”? (h/t to Mike Flak))

Death Cabrera for Cutie (Miggy’s bat was anything but cute last year)

Raines Addiction (but he was rarely “Been Caught Stealing”)

Todd the Best Rockie (All I Want ….. is for Helton to make the Hall)

Panik! at the Cisco (for fans on both coasts)

Soundergaarden (too bad Noah never got to face (Jesus) Scott Pose)

Dexy’s Midnight Pinch-Runners (late game substitution)

Guns and Brosius (whoah whoah go ride the pine)

Black Sabathia (War Pigs meet Iron Pigs meet Iron Man)

Pace of Coldplay (since MLB might be introducing pitch CLOCKS)



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