I wanted to be the first female general manager in the Majors, but a degree in Athletic Administration and an internship with the Elias Sports Bureau didn’t bear fruit. So, I toil by day as a data analyst for the City of New York, crunching large data sets and using SPSS and Excel.  I was the first “fan” to start a blog over at MLB.COM in 2005, and my “Diamonds are for Humor” was voted “Best Comedic Blog” that year. More recently, I contributed quirky stories and analysis to the “Humbug Journal” blog at Baseball Toaster, had an essay included in the “Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories” anthology, and offered game recaps and offbeat statistical analysis at the “Bronx Banter” site.

I can be reached at valueoverreplacementgrit@gmail.com

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  1. O.K. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but how about an all fish team. The outfield would be Mike Trout, Tim Salmon, and (Mike) Carp. I know there was an infielder named Bass, and “Catfish” Hunter would have to be the starter on the mound. Can you finish it for me?

  2. I hope A.J. Pollock will eventually reach a high enough peak that we can start him in the outfield with Trout and Salmon.

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