Cancer Can’t Kill my Love of the Game

(Note: Some of this originally appeared in my piece in the “Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories” anthology) My parents were divorced in 1965, when I was two years old.  In the prior couple of years, my father had begun exhibiting signs of mental illness, and my mother, knee-deep in her own issues with a child (me) … Read more

Pitchers “Pitching Around” & Catchers “Catching Around”

Last time we listed the pitcher/catcher combos with the most game starts in history.  Now let’s see if some of those same pitchers and catchers were tossing the old ball around with lots of other batterymates. Here are the pitchers who have started games with at least 30 different catchers in their career: PITCHER # … Read more

Glove Will Keep Us Together

Its Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, and what better way for the VORG to celebrate it than to examine the “couples” that have lasted the longest on the diamond. I’m speaking of the batterymates . . . pitchers and catchers.  They have to be able to communicate well, in many different, subtle forms.  The twittering of … Read more

Adam Dunn Does Not Like Sacrificing Flies

While recently admiring the statistical oddities of Adam Dunn‘s career (beyond his “TTO” status and the four consecutive seasons of exactly 40 homers), I stumbled upon a factoid that baffled and befuddled me.  In 2004, “The Big Donkey,” while hitting 46 dingers and driving in 102, failed to knock anyone in via a sac fly. … Read more

Take a bad app . . . and make it better

In what is seemingly a strenuous attempt to get young girls interested in fantasy baseball, a company called “A View from My Seat” teamed up with the usually well-regarded to produce an app called “Baseball Boyfriend.”  Here is the gist, as described on the app’s page on Baseball Boyfriend is a single draftee … Read more

March Moniker Madness Update #1

Earlier this week we announced that we were taking suggestions for player names for an NCAA-style pool called “March Moniker Madness“.  The response has been overwhelming . . . we’ve received 487 valid entries as of this morning! Obviously, we’re going to have to adjust the initial size of the field a bit!  But in … Read more

This Year we will have World Series CVIII (corrected)

Unless you’ve been in a hyperbaric chamber, state of suspended animation or a cave the last two weeks, you know that tomorrow will be Super Bowl 46.  But the NFL, in what I can only hope was a nod to the “Roman gladiator”-style entertainment of the sport, identifies each year’s final game by a Roman … Read more

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