March Moniker Madness Update #1

Earlier this week we announced that we were taking suggestions for player names for an NCAA-style pool called “March Moniker Madness“.  The response has been overwhelming . . . we’ve received 487 valid entries as of this morning! Obviously, we’re going to have to adjust the initial size of the field a bit!  But in … Read more

This Year we will have World Series CVIII (corrected)

Unless you’ve been in a hyperbaric chamber, state of suspended animation or a cave the last two weeks, you know that tomorrow will be Super Bowl 46.  But the NFL, in what I can only hope was a nod to the “Roman gladiator”-style entertainment of the sport, identifies each year’s final game by a Roman … Read more

In honor of “Groundhog Day”

There hasn’t been anyone named “Groundhog” in the Majors or Minors, but there WAS a Frank “Groundhog” Thompson in the Negro Leagues.  I’ll let Baseball Reference explain: Groundhog Thompson was a Negro League pitcher for ten seasons. Thompson’s appearance (far from handsome) drew considerable notice, just like Don Mossi in the majors or Agapito Mayor … Read more

March Moniker Madness

The “Dance” that is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be starting in approximately six weeks, and 68 teams will be looking to be the one to cut down the net in the Louisiana Superdome when the final game has been played. Here at the VORG, we’re going to hold our own “March Moniker Madness” … Read more

Shopping for a Name for your Roto Team?

Wednesday will be February 1st, and a couple of weeks after that, we’ll have pitchers and catchers reporting.  Its a time of anticipation and joy . . . Spring Training (even though, technically most of the training occurs during the last weeks of Winter, but I digress). Many of you have started to think about … Read more

A Weighty New Metric

So, Prince Fielder is now the “The Round Mound of Motown” (copyright pending).  Those debating the wisdom of his new contract are focused on his weight, and pointing out that heavier players don’t age as well as their skinnier counterparts.  To help quantify the differences between players with and without “scale issues”, the VORG, in … Read more

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