Ten Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love?

Now that the dust has settled on this year’s Hall of Fame balloting, I thought it would be cool to take a historical look at those players who were on the standard BBWAA ballot at least once, and didn’t receive even one vote.  It turns out there have been exactly 200 of them.  Here are … Read more

Factoids about the 2012 Hall of Fame Candidates

Monday afternoon will see the announcement of the latest addition to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  In order to impress your friends around the water cooler on Monday morning, here are some fun facts for each of the eligible players: Barry Larkin: Larkin just missed some wonderful round number milestones.  He had a .295 career … Read more

The Anagrammatical Beauty of Leading HOF Ballot Candidates

Monday afternoon will bring us the latest player(s) voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The merits of many of the eligible candidates for enshrinement have been bandied about by writers and fans.  But what do the anagrams say?  Yes, I suggest that you can determine the merits of a player’s candidacy through the anagramming … Read more

Welcome to the VORG (I guess you all know why we’re here)

My name is Diane, and I began this blog last year … (OK … enough of The Who) Greetings to those of you new to this blog.  I invite you to take a look around at the site and discover what Mark Simon refers to, in the best way possible, as “baseball dorkiness”.  This blog … Read more

VORG Gets “The Call” to the Majors

I’m excited to announce that this blog will be joining the ESPN Sweet Spot Network later this week!  There won’t be any significant changes to the look of the blog itself, save for a tasteful ESPN Navigation Bar at the top. You’ll still get the offbeat, quirky analysis you’ve come to love about the VORG, … Read more

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