Unanimous Once, Never Considered Again

While doing research for the “World Series Preview“, we discovered (thanks to some helpful friends of the VORG) that Jake Peavy was the ONLY unanimous winner of a Cy Young Award to never receive at least one vote in any other year. The Award has been bestowed unanimously 22 times, to 16 different hurlers. Every … Read more

The VORG salutes The Oscars

Tonight brings us the Academy Awards, and one of the top nominees for Best Picture is 12 Years A Slave. The VORG celebrates this year’s ceremony by presenting OUR Best Picturetcher Oscar to “12 Years, a Save“, for the pitchers who hurled exactly 12 seasons and compiled exactly one save. Dennis Leonard Armando Reynoso John … Read more

The VORG’s 2013 “Most Voweluable Player” Awards

The last of the 2013 season awards will be handed out Thursday afternoon, as the AL and NL MVPs are announced.  Here at the VORG, MVP stands for “Most Voweluable Player”, that being the player in each league with the highest percentage of vowels in their first and last names combined. In the National League, … Read more

Repost: The 2013 “Pi Young Award” Winners

Note:  Since today is the official announcement of the AL and NL Cy Young Awards, the VORG is re-posting its “Pi Young Awards” for 2013. ———————————————————————————————————- With game 163 for the Rays and Rangers in the books, we’ve finally reached the end of another exciting season. So, its now time to announce the winners of … Read more

2013 VORG Rookie of the Year awards

Major League Baseball begins its awards for the 2013 regular season with Monday’s announcement of the respective Rookie of the Year in each league.  Here at the VORG, we have rather unique criteria for our version of the ROY awards.  The winners just have to have done something interesting/quirky. Over in the National League, Brewers’ … Read more

The “Nate Silver Slugger Award”

It began, as it so often does, with a seemingly innocent tweet, this time from Dan Szymborski of ESPN: Dan Szymborski @DSzymborski Never been interested in the Silver Slugger award, but I would like to see a Nate Silver Slugger award. . . .  which begat this: Dan Szymborski retweeted dianagram @dianagram Any player who … Read more