Pi Young Award Leaders now on Sidebar

To help you keep track of which pitchers are currently maintaining a 3.14 ERA in the race for the VORG’s annual “Pi Young Award“, we now have a “Pi Young Award Leaders” widget on the sidebar.  It lists those pitchers (if any) with exactly a 3.14 ERA, in innings pitched order, along with their league … Read more

2012 Pi Young Award – May Update

Two months in the books, so its time to check in again on the league leaders for the annual “Pi Young Award“. First up . . . the American League/no innings requirement.  We have a pair of currently injured starting pitchers leading the way, as the Tigers’ Doug Fister is .01 off the magic mark, … Read more

2012 Pi Young Award – April Update

With the first month of the season gone (already!), let’s see which hurlers are leading their respective leagues in the race for the annual “Pi Young Award“. First up . . . the American League/no innings requirement.  A pair of PaleHose lead the charge as Chris Sale and Gavin Floyd come in just under the … Read more

VORG’s 2012 Preseason Award Predictions

My preseason picks for the 2012 awards were included in ESPN’s Sweet Spot blogger network tabulations.  Here is my full ballot as I submitted it: Top 5 AL MVP 1. EVAN LONGORIA 2. JACOBY ELLSBURY 3. ALBERT PUJOLS 4. IAN KINSLER 5. ERIC HOSMER Top 3 AL Cy Young 1. JERED WEAVER 2. MATT MOORE … Read more

Who will win the 2012 “Pi Young Awards”?

Last season, the VORG handed out the inaugural “Pi Young Awards” in each league, given to the pitchers who compiled ERAs closest to 3.14. Who do you think will win the awards in 2012? Leave your guesses in the comments, as follows: 1) AL (qualifier for ERA title, generally 162+ IP) 2) AL (non-qualifier for … Read more

The Anagrammatical Beauty of Leading HOF Ballot Candidates

Monday afternoon will bring us the latest player(s) voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The merits of many of the eligible candidates for enshrinement have been bandied about by writers and fans.  But what do the anagrams say?  Yes, I suggest that you can determine the merits of a player’s candidacy through the anagramming … Read more

The Anagrammatical Beauty of the top AL MVP Finishers

Now that the AL MVP award has been bestowed, let’s consider the anagrams that could be made from the names of the top vote-getters: The third place finisher’s offensive production was truly detailed in his anagram, as Jose Bautista anagrams to “O Jesus!  Its a bat!”.  Similar in tone, “Jose Bautista Blue Jays” rearranges to … Read more

2011 NL π Young Award

Next up in the 2011 award series is the National League Cy Young Award, to be announced Thursday afternoon, with Clayton Kershaw being the  favorite to take the hardware. As we did with the American League,  we are giving out the “π Young Award,” in the National League.  Once again, it doesn’t matter what your … Read more

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