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Players with “Sequential” month/day/year Birthdates

Since today is 11/12/13, and that “date pattern” of “x/x+1/x+2″ happens very rarely, the VORG gives you the short list of players whose birthdates meet that criteria: Name Month Day Year Ivy Andrews 5 6 1907 Johnnie Chambers 9 10 … Continue reading

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The VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

We’re coming up to another “Friday the 13th”, and regardless of how you feel regarding the supposed “unluckiness” of that date, there is a pattern to how/when a “Friday the 13th” shows up on the calendar: Any month that starts … Continue reading

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They Say It’s My Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday, and like any good baseball fan, I want to know which players share my wondrous day.  Not surprisingly, Baseball Reference “has an app for that.”  With it, you can find out the Major Leaguers born … Continue reading

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