Slash Stats by Birthday

We’ve done homers by birthday, and hits by birthday.  Might as well go whole hog and do slash stats.

Here are the composite homer, RBI and slash stats for each birthday. The homers and RBI are prorated to 502 plate appearances per player, and all stats are from 1954-2016.

In case you are wondering, 7/24’s numbers are quite gaudy due to one Barry Bonds.

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Homers by Birthday

Another prompt from the Twitterverse:

 Here are the birthdays with number of players and total homers, followed by the leader for each day (thanks to Baseball Reference and the Lahman Baseball Database):

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Batting Orders in Player Age Order

There has been only two instances of a batting order in birthdate order, and both of them started with the youngest player and move to the oldest: July 10, 1993 Padres at Expos EXPOS Birthdate Delino DeShields 1/15/1969 Mike Lansing 4/3/1968 Marquis Grissom 4/17/1967 Larry Walker 12/1/1966 Darrin Fletcher 10/3/1966 Moises Alou 7/3/1966 Frank Bolick … Read moreBatting Orders in Player Age Order

Greatest Difference in Age of Opposing Starting Pitchers

One of the cool facts of the upcoming Super Bowl is the record 13-year age difference between the starting quarterbacks (Peyton Manning is 39 while Cam Newton is 26). That got the VORG wondering what the regular season record is for age difference between starting pitchers.  With the Retrosheet gamelogs accessed, here is the answer: … Read moreGreatest Difference in Age of Opposing Starting Pitchers

Opposing Pitchers Sharing a Birthday

In a group of 25 people (such as a baseball club), there is a 57% chance that at least two people will share a birthday. In a group of 50 people (such as competing ballclubs), there is a 97% chance of at least two people sharing a birthday. Given this, how often have opposing pitchers … Read moreOpposing Pitchers Sharing a Birthday

Players with “Sequential” month/day/year Birthdates

Since today is 11/12/13, and that “date pattern” of “x/x+1/x+2” happens very rarely, the VORG gives you the short list of players whose birthdates meet that criteria: Name Month Day Year Ivy Andrews 5 6 1907 Johnnie Chambers 9 10 1911 Mike Guerra 10 11 1912 Wayne Osborne 10 11 1912 Gene Lillard 11 12 … Read morePlayers with “Sequential” month/day/year Birthdates

The VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

We’re coming up to another “Friday the 13th”, and regardless of how you feel regarding the supposed “unluckiness” of that date, there is a pattern to how/when a “Friday the 13th” shows up on the calendar: Any month that starts on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th, and there is at least one Friday … Read moreThe VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

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