Players with “Sequential” month/day/year Birthdates

Since today is 11/12/13, and that “date pattern” of “x/x+1/x+2″ happens very rarely, the VORG gives you the short list of players whose birthdates meet that criteria: Name Month Day Year Ivy Andrews 5 6 1907 Johnnie Chambers 9 10 1911 Mike Guerra 10 11 1912 Wayne Osborne 10 11 1912 Gene Lillard 11 12 … Read more

The VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

We’re coming up to another “Friday the 13th”, and regardless of how you feel regarding the supposed “unluckiness” of that date, there is a pattern to how/when a “Friday the 13th” shows up on the calendar: Any month that starts on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th, and there is at least one Friday … Read more

They Say It’s My Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday, and like any good baseball fan, I want to know which players share my wondrous day.  Not surprisingly, Baseball Reference “has an app for that.”  With it, you can find out the Major Leaguers born on that day, or any other day of your choosing. Let’s highlight the big names … Read more