Heavyweight Pitching Matchups

In Atlanta this evening, 285-pound Bartolo Colon is facing off against 260-pound Aaron Harang.  That got Stuart Johnson thinking, and good friend of the VORG Mark Simon putting out the “bat signal” . . . Stuart Johnson @stujo11 Bartolo Colon (listed 285 lbs) and Aaron Harang (260 lbs) square off tonight. Wonder what the heaviest … Read moreHeavyweight Pitching Matchups

“Baby New Year” for Ballplayers

We’re coming up on the annual tradition of stories noting which child was the first born in a particular city in the new year.  To give this a VORG flavor, we are providing you the first player of each “birth year” to make the majors (debuting 1900 forward): Birth Name Debut 1869 John McPherson 7/12/1901 … Read more“Baby New Year” for Ballplayers

Hitting (or pitching) Your Weight

As the baseball world awaited the announcement of this year’s Cy Young winners, this conversation took place on Twitter (excerpted): Jesse Spector @jessespector Fun fact I discovered that will be part of an upcoming SN feature: Bartolo Colon is listed at 265 pounds, and had a 2.65 ERA this year. CJ Nitkowski @CJNitkowski Get @EliasSports … Read moreHitting (or pitching) Your Weight

Weighty Match-up Matters

Friday’s Giants/Yankees game in New York should feature Tim Lincecum versus CC Sabathia.  With Lincecum listed at 170 pounds and Sabathia at 290 (at least on Baseball Reference, with the proviso that these weights aren’t updated very often if at all), there is a 120-pound difference between the opposing hurlers. Sabathia is a part of … Read moreWeighty Match-up Matters

The VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

We’re coming up to another “Friday the 13th”, and regardless of how you feel regarding the supposed “unluckiness” of that date, there is a pattern to how/when a “Friday the 13th” shows up on the calendar: Any month that starts on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th, and there is at least one Friday … Read moreThe VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

Baseball is a Melting Pot

In honor of the official Columbus Day today, here are the earliest appearances of a player from each US State/territory, Canadian province and many foreign countries.  This covers 1871-2011: Birthplace / Name / Debut Afghanistan Jeff Bronkey 5/2/1993 American Samoa Tony Solaita 9/16/1968 Aruba Gene Kingsale 9/3/1996 Australia Joe Quinn 4/26/1884 Austria Kurt Krieger 4/21/1949 Austria-Hungary Joe Koukalik 9/1/1904 Bahamas Andre Rodgers 4/16/1957 Belgium Brian Lesher 8/25/1996 British Honduras Chito Martinez 7/5/1991 CAN AB Fred Osborne … Read moreBaseball is a Melting Pot

Most Popular First Names in Baseball History – by Birth Decade

I went to Target Field last week as part of the SABR annual convention, and got to see a fellow named Liam Hendriks pitch for the Twins.  Liam, while a relatively popular name in the UK, is an uncommon name here in the US (William being the much more common variant).  Mr. Hendriks is the … Read moreMost Popular First Names in Baseball History – by Birth Decade

A Weighty New Metric

So, Prince Fielder is now the “The Round Mound of Motown” (copyright pending).  Those debating the wisdom of his new contract are focused on his weight, and pointing out that heavier players don’t age as well as their skinnier counterparts.  To help quantify the differences between players with and without “scale issues”, the VORG, in … Read moreA Weighty New Metric

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