Fun with the names in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft

Just as we did with the 2012 version of this post, I’ll leave the sophisticated analysis of the recently-concluded 2013 Draft to the real experts. There were 1,216 players drafted. Most popular last names: Miller, Smith and Williams (each 11). Most popular first names: Tyler (34), Ryan (31), Nick (21). Longest last name: (Kyren) Gilmore-Parrott … Read more

Fun with the names in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft

I’ll leave the hard-core analysis of the recently-completed draft to the professionals. Let’s stick to the minutia of the names, shall we? There were 1,238 players drafted. Most popular last names: Smith (13), Johnson (12), Jones (9). Most popular first names: Michael (29), Tyler (23), Ryan (23). Longest last name: (Alfredo) Escalera-Maldonado (17 letters plus … Read more

The VORG’s Scrabble Analysis of the Draft

So we’ve had the first round of the “2012 First-Year Player Draft“.  Let’s do some analysis of the players selected, based on Scrabble attributes.  The (  ) next to the first and last names are the respective Scrabble scores based on a standard English language set, and a “*” next to the score means the … Read more

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