From 20-game Winner to 20-game Loser

A friend of mine asked me, after considering the 2016-7 fortunes of Rick Porcello, if anyone had ever lost 20 games the year after winning 20. This list meets that request, with the following exceptions: It doesn’t include those that won and lost 20+ games in the same season It doesn’t include those that lost … Read more

Consecutive Games Facing Pitcher with Same Last Name

Friend of the VORG (and fellow you should definitely follow) Doug Kern asked me the following this morning:

After a bunch of data wrangling with the Retrosheet game logs, I don’t know about the Brew Crew having experienced this phenomena nine times, but here is what I was able to come up with in terms of one team facing pitchers with the same last name in consecutive games, through 2016.  If there is only a last name listed, just trust me when I say that each pitcher had a different Retrosheet ID.  I’m not 100% certain on this list, but I think I’m ….. in the ballpark.

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Dial M (7 times) for a Record

Friend of the VORG Zack Raab set out a request to Jayson Stark and I: .@dianagram/@jaysonst, since you love these wacky finds and I love seeing what you can do with them, ever seen this in a MLB lineup? 👇🤔 — Zack Raab (@ZackRaab) June 20, 2017 … which referred to this tweet: @ESPNStatsInfo … Read more

Pitching Appearances with More Ks than Outs

Last night, Craig Kimbrel got a four out save, and thanks to a wild pitch on a strikeout, managed to K five batters during his appearance. Followers of the VORG asked me if this was some sort of record for most Ks where the strikeouts exceeded the outs recorded.  It turns out it wasn’t a … Read more

Longest Last Names by Position

Over at the Effectively Wild podcast group on Facebook, a hard-working soul manually put together a list of the longest last names in MLB history by position. Using the Lahman Baseball Database, this is the list I came up with: POS GAMES NAME LENGTH 1B 959 Doug Mientkiewicz 12 2B 510 Gene DeMontreville 13 SS … Read more

Most Runs, Hits with Only Certain Types of Hits

Friend of the VORG Doug Kern tweeted this out early this morning:

That got me wondering what the records were for most hits and runs for a team in a game would be, based on each specific hit type or combination of hit types.  First, here are the hit records.  For example, the Dodgers set the record for most hits with all being singles when they amassed 22 on June 3, 1988 in a 13-5 win over Cincinnati.

HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
1B 6/3/1988 LAD CIN W 13-5 22 0 0 0
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
1B, 2B 8/22/1917 BRO PIT W 6-5 28 3 0 0
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
1B, 2B, 3B 7/29/1928 CLE NYY W 24-6 27 2 1 0
1B, 2B, 3B 8/5/1922 NYG CHC W 19-7 27 6 4 0
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
1B, 2B, 3B, HR 7/1/1979 OAK TEX W 13-12 29 2 1 1
1B, 2B, 3B, HR 8/12/48 (2) CLE SLB W 26-3 29 5 1 4
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
2B 8/18/1998 ATL SFG W 8-4 9 9 0 0
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
2B, 3B 9/8/2014 NYM COL W 3-2 6 4 2 0
2B, 3B 8/5/2007 CHW DET W 3-1 6 5 1 0
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
2B, HR 7/10/2010 DET MIN W 7-4 8 4 0 4
2B, HR 9/18/2002 STL COL W 8-5 8 3 0 5
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
3B 5/5/1973 BAL CAL L 1-3 2 0 2 0
3B 5/2/1972 SFG NYM L 2-4 2 0 2 0
3B 4/19/1964 WSA KCA L 1-5 2 0 2 0
3B 6/23/63 (1) PHI NYM L 0-5 2 0 2 0
3B 4/20/51 (1) WSH NYY W 5-3 2 0 2 0
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
3B, HR 4/2/2014 HOU NYY W 3-1 4 0 2 2
3B, HR 8/9/1999 BOS KCR L 2-5 4 0 2 2
3B, HR 9/14/1952 NYG STL L 4-14 4 0 2 2
HIT TYPE Date Tm Opp Rslt H 2B 3B HR
HR 6/24/1989 CLE TEX W 7-3 6 0 0 6

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Fun with Ryan Schimpf’s Stats

Friend of the VORG and ESPN SweetSpot Senior Writer David Schoenfield with some love for a wacky stat line: Ryan Schimpf is on pace to hit .156 with 41 home runs and 104 walks and for the love of the baseball gods I hope he keeps it up. — David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield) May 3, 2017 … Read more

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