15Ks + 1 Grand Slam = History

During Friday night’s Twin’s/A’s matchup, Minnesota pitcher Francisco Liriano struck out 15 batters.  Liriano’s career high in Ks had been 12, and the Twins staff had been last in the Majors in strikeouts in 2012 to that point (by over 50 Ks).  So this was a big deal. But it was also a quirky deal, … Read more

YOU get one hit … and YOU get one hit … and YOU get one hit

Friends of the VORG often pass along interesting factoids for me to pursue.  Such is the case with the strange event encountered by my friend Dan Wachtell (Met fan, Scrabble player and all-around good guy). Wednesday afternoon, Dan e-mailed me: so, check out this box score today. http://scores.espn.go.com/mlb/boxscore?gameId=320425223 has any team done this before – … Read more

Repetitive Player Batting Lines

Back in the day, the newspaper boxscore listed each batter and their position, along with four main offensive stats: at-bats, runs, hits and runs batted in.  You’d peruse the paper to see that your player went 4-0-0-0, and pretty assuredly know it wasn’t his best day. Now the Internet has allowed the boxscore to become … Read more

Real Life “Casey at the Bat” Endings

While it may not be a literary work of art, there may be no more famous piece of baseball literature than “Casey at the Bat“.   Penned by Ernest Thayer in 1888, it has been the subject of numerous stage performances, songs, plays and movies.  But I got to wondering about the actual circumstances that unveiled … Read more

When “just one bad inning” is an understatement

How many times have you listened to a post-game interview, and the manager or pitcher of the losing team states that it was just “one bad inning” that did them in? Now, to be sure, there are plenty of occasions where the “one bad inning” really isn’t horrible.  Take this Red Sox/Yankees game from August.  … Read more

Are you ready for some football during the pennant races?

With this being the opening weekend of the NFL, I thought we should find some football-type baseball scores.  So, after parsing out the Sunday games that feature multiples of 7s and 3s, here are the highest “football-like” scores in MLB history. Topping our list is two instances of 31 runs (21-10, 17-14).  The 21-10 game … Read more

Here’s the throw . . . here’s the play at the plate!

Today’s Orioles/A’s game ended on a play at the plate (no one was injured in the making of this play).  Immediately after Kurt Suzuki tagged out pinch-runner Blake Davis, the Twitterverse exploded with “wow, what a way to end the game!” blasts.  Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein opined: @Kevin_Goldstein Awesome ending in Oakland. Last out at … Read more

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