The Chris Wi-THROW All-Stars

This morning’s “Effectively Wild” Baseball Prospectus podcast had Sam Miller recalling that Chris Withrow‘s write-up in the BP Annual mentioned that he’s the only Major Leaguer with the word “throw” in his name.

This caused us to wonder what other players had baseball terms secreted within their names.   With the Lahman Baseball Database supplying the names, here are the players with at least one of the following terms in their name: hit, run, throw, single, triple, homer, bunt, walk, bat, swing, out, ball, strike, inning.  Note: the term can be split across first and last names.

There is ONE player with two terms (OUT, HIT) in his name:

Taylor Douthit

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The VORG’s “Beige Whale”: Longest Name Chain

“The White Whale swam before him as the monomaniac incarnation of all those malicious agencies which some deep men feel eating in them, till they are left living on with half a heart and half a lung”  – Moby Dick, chapter 41 I don’t think that any particular data research project has left me missing … Read moreThe VORG’s “Beige Whale”: Longest Name Chain

Players with Same First/Last Letter in First/Last Name

Another day, another question via the wonderful world of Twitter: Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick Tough name question relating to Oswaldo Arcia. Other players with both first and last name starting and ending with same letter. Jon Roegele @MLBPlayerAnalys @neal_kendrick David Aardsma Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick @MLBPlayerAnalys yep, somebody got that one. You guys are much better at … Read morePlayers with Same First/Last Letter in First/Last Name

Longest Player Name for each Franchise

Friend of the VORG Doug Kern alerted me to the following:

OFFICIAL: #Rays call up left-handed reliever @CJRief, whose 12-letter last name ties Jason Isringhausen for longest in club history.

That @CJRief is C.J. Riefenhauser, and he (and Doug) inspired this list.  Here is each franchise/team in baseball history, with the player(s) holding the record for longest last name.  For simplicity sake, the player will be listed next to most if not all versions of the franchise, even if they didn’t play for a particular version.  For example, Al Hollingsworth didn’t play for the Minnesota Twins, but he DID play for their progenitor, the Washington Senators.  Also, the last name length excludes periods, apostrophes, hyphens and spaces.  With that in mind, here is the list:

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Giving new Meaning to “Win Streak”

Loyal VORG reader David Branson tweeted at me yesterday: David Branson @obxleatherman @dianagram Joe Niekro had single season win totals of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17. Any idea if this is the longest string? I thought that was a really cool find, and decided to investigate further.  … Read moreGiving new Meaning to “Win Streak”

More Errors than Strikeouts in a Season

As with many prior posts, it began with an innocent tweet: David Schoenfield @dschoenfield Andrelton Simmons still with no strikeouts and no errors on the season. Which will come first? #Braves . . . which elicited this response from me: dianagram @dianagram @dschoenfield oh you’re going to inspire me to find players with more Es … Read moreMore Errors than Strikeouts in a Season

Heavyweight Pitching Matchups

In Atlanta this evening, 285-pound Bartolo Colon is facing off against 260-pound Aaron Harang.  That got Stuart Johnson thinking, and good friend of the VORG Mark Simon putting out the “bat signal” . . . Stuart Johnson @stujo11 Bartolo Colon (listed 285 lbs) and Aaron Harang (260 lbs) square off tonight. Wonder what the heaviest … Read moreHeavyweight Pitching Matchups

Auction Drafts with a Truly International Spin

With Opening Day (stateside) coming up, the last of the fantasy baseball drafts are taking place.  There are many types of drafts to take part in, but perhaps the most challenging is the auction draft.  Well, the VORG wondered if you could make the auction draft even MORE challenging (and/or nerdy) by requiring participants to … Read moreAuction Drafts with a Truly International Spin

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