Adam Dunn Does Not Like Sacrificing Flies

While recently admiring the statistical oddities of Adam Dunn‘s career (beyond his “TTO” status and the four consecutive seasons of exactly 40 homers), I stumbled upon a factoid that baffled and befuddled me.  In 2004, “The Big Donkey,” while hitting 46 dingers and driving in 102, failed to knock anyone in via a sac fly. … Read moreAdam Dunn Does Not Like Sacrificing Flies

Jamie Moyer to AARP: Go Away, I’m Busy Here!

When last we saw Jamie Moyer, he was a 47-year-old hurler going 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA for the Phillies in 2010.  Then his elbow gave out and instead of hanging them up, he underwent Tommy John surgery.  Now, he’s gotten a Minor League deal and an invite to Spring Training from the Colorado Rockies. … Read moreJamie Moyer to AARP: Go Away, I’m Busy Here!

Real Life “Casey at the Bat” Endings

While it may not be a literary work of art, there may be no more famous piece of baseball literature than “Casey at the Bat“.   Penned by Ernest Thayer in 1888, it has been the subject of numerous stage performances, songs, plays and movies.  But I got to wondering about the actual circumstances that unveiled … Read moreReal Life “Casey at the Bat” Endings

Representing the 3-2-3

There are approximately 4,000 double plays completed each season.  One of the rarest varieties is the 3-2-3, which happens mostly in bases loaded situations, with the first baseman throwing to the catcher and then receiving the return throw to first. Miguel Cabrera and Alex Avila pulled off a nifty 3-2-3, bases loaded double play during … Read moreRepresenting the 3-2-3

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