Using the Super Bowl to Predict the Winning League in the World Series

Now that the Super Bowl is over, pundits can fully turn their attention to the true National Pastime, and consider which teams will have a good shot at the World Series.  Let me save them (and you) some work by telling you that the winning World Series team will more than likely come from the … Read more

(Trying to) Use MLB Results to Predict the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 48 is expected to be a close contest, with each team having legitimate reasons why they could or should win.  Since I don’t really have a rooting interest, and I’m pining very hard for baseball, I decided to see if the winning league in MLB’s All-Star Game and/or World Series could be used as a predictor of the winning conference in the Super Bowl.

Below you will find the yearly winners of the World Series, All-Star Game from 1966 forward, and that season’s Super Bowl :

1966 AL NL NFC
1967 NL NL NFC
1968 AL NL AFC
1969 NL NL AFC
1970 AL NL AFC
1971 NL AL NFC
1972 AL NL AFC
1973 AL NL AFC
1974 AL NL AFC
1975 NL NL AFC
1976 NL NL AFC
1977 AL NL NFC
1978 AL NL AFC
1979 NL NL AFC
1980 NL NL AFC
1981 NL NL NFC
1982 NL NL NFC
1983 AL AL AFC
1984 AL NL NFC
1985 AL NL NFC
1986 NL AL NFC
1987 AL NL NFC
1988 NL AL NFC
1989 AL AL NFC
1990 NL AL NFC
1991 AL AL NFC
1992 AL AL NFC
1993 AL AL NFC
1995 NL NL NFC
1996 AL NL NFC
1997 NL AL AFC
1998 AL AL AFC
1999 AL AL NFC
2000 AL AL AFC
2001 NL AL AFC
2003 NL AL AFC
2004 AL AL AFC
2005 AL AL AFC
2006 NL AL AFC
2007 AL AL NFC
2008 NL AL AFC
2009 AL AL NFC
2010 NL NL NFC
2011 NL NL NFC
2012 NL NL AFC
2013 AL AL  ???

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VORG’s 2012 Preseason Award Predictions

My preseason picks for the 2012 awards were included in ESPN’s Sweet Spot blogger network tabulations.  Here is my full ballot as I submitted it: Top 5 AL MVP 1. EVAN LONGORIA 2. JACOBY ELLSBURY 3. ALBERT PUJOLS 4. IAN KINSLER 5. ERIC HOSMER Top 3 AL Cy Young 1. JERED WEAVER 2. MATT MOORE … Read more

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