“Unoccupied” Single Season Totals Records

Last week we detailed the lowest career totals that no one is currently sitting on for various stats. Now its time to do the same for single season records. To find out, this time we exported the single season statistics from 1871-2015 for the nearly 17,000 players in baseball history listed via Fangraphs, and sorted … Read more

Using the Super Bowl to Predict the Winning League in the World Series

Now that the Super Bowl is over, pundits can fully turn their attention to the true National Pastime, and consider which teams will have a good shot at the World Series.  Let me save them (and you) some work by telling you that the winning World Series team will more than likely come from the … Read more

“Unoccupied” Career Totals Records

Baseball is full of career records, with numbers that everyone can reference … 762, 511, 652, 4256.   But what about the numbers that no player currently has? The VORG wanted to know what is the LOWEST career total that no one is currently sitting on. In other words and as an example, does no one … Read more

Catchers Working Doubleheaders Behind the Dish

During Saturday’s SABR Day event in New York City, panelists Dave Anderson, Dave Kaplan and Lindsay Berra (eldest granddaughter of Yogi Berra) were discussing the magic that was Lawrence Peter Berra. Among all his awards and statistical records, it was noted that Berra started and played catcher in both games of 117 doubleheaders.

This stat floored most of the audience, myself included.  I knew that back in the day, men were men and catchers routinely caught 150+ games in a year.  But I also knew there were many more scheduled doubleheaders and why wouldn’t a manager rest his number one backstop for one of those games. I decided to check on the accuracy of that 117 doubleheader stat.

I parsed out all the doubleheaders from the Retrosheet game logs of 1911-2015 (which includes those with complete lineups), and then searched for instances in which the catcher in game one was the same one in game two.  Not only did Berra catch both ends of 117 doubleheaders, by my count, he caught 28 more, for a staggering total of 145.

Here is the list of all players to catch both games of a doubleheader, along with the number of times they did that.  Note that the current poster boy for indefatigability, the Royals Salvador Perez, hasn’t been called upon to catch both ends of a twinbill:

Read more

Greatest Difference in Age of Opposing Starting Pitchers

One of the cool facts of the upcoming Super Bowl is the record 13-year age difference between the starting quarterbacks (Peyton Manning is 39 while Cam Newton is 26). That got the VORG wondering what the regular season record is for age difference between starting pitchers.  With the Retrosheet gamelogs accessed, here is the answer: … Read more

The VORG’s 2015 “Pi Young Award”

Wednesday evening brings us the announcement of the  “Cy Young Award” winner in each league.  So, its now time for the VORG to announce the winners of the 2015 “Pi Young Awards”, celebrating the pitchers with ERAs closest to 3.1415927 . . . . (Here’s a refresher on the whys and wherefores of the award). … Read more

The VORG’s 2015 “Manager of the Year” Awards

Tuesday afternoon will see the continuation of the 2015 MLB award period, with the AL and NL Managers of the Year being announced.  These awards are usually given to the skipper of a team that exceeds its preseason expectations. At the VORG, we don’t think that’s true to the spirit of the word “manager”.  We … Read more

The VORG’s 2015 “Rookie of the Year” Awards

If you’re new to the VORG, please note that we give out our awards not necessarily to the BEST player for each honor, but for the most NOTABLE player. For example, Carlos Correa and Kris Bryant are the favorites for the Rookie of the Year awards. However, those two gentleman didn’t distinguish themselves in the … Read more

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