I Don’t Like (insert day of week here)

We’ve discussed the best and worst teams on specific dates within the seasons.  We’ve gone over the best and worst teams on specific days of the week.  Now its time to look at the best and worst single-season records on specific days of the week, inspired by the Braves o-for-their-first-12 Mondays this season. Here are … Read moreI Don’t Like (insert day of week here)

No Singles for You … or You … or You

The Dodgers beat the Braves 6-2 last night, collecting only four hits, but they were all homers.  The Braves had five hits: three doubles, one triple and one homer. So, in a game with nine hits combined between the two teams, there were no singles.  It was only the sixth time in history that neither … Read moreNo Singles for You … or You … or You

“Well, he’s no Mike Trout!”

Mike Trout turned 21 on Tuesday, and his age-20 season is looking like it might be one of the best in history for that age.  As of this morning, he was 1st in the Majors in Wins Above Replacement (WAR), third in batting average, sixth in on-base percentage, fourth in slugging percentage, fourth in OPS, … Read more“Well, he’s no Mike Trout!”

One Hit (and only one hit) Per Game

Ichiro Suzuki has started his Yankee career with exactly one hit in each of ten games played.  That got us thinking of what the record would be for longest such streak, regardless of whether or not it was a “career start”.  The mark appears to be 16 by Ted Sizemore in 1975, if you base … Read moreOne Hit (and only one hit) Per Game

15Ks + 1 Grand Slam = History

During Friday night’s Twin’s/A’s matchup, Minnesota pitcher Francisco Liriano struck out 15 batters.  Liriano’s career high in Ks had been 12, and the Twins staff had been last in the Majors in strikeouts in 2012 to that point (by over 50 Ks).  So this was a big deal. But it was also a quirky deal, … Read more15Ks + 1 Grand Slam = History

Good at home, “Astro”nomically bad on the road

The Astros went 56-106 (.346) in 2011.  They had nowhere to go but up in 2012, and they have, slightly (32-51 (.386) through Thursday). They only won 31 homes games in 2011, but have already notched 23 home victories in 2012.  However, their performance on the road in 2012 is actually worse than 2011 (when … Read moreGood at home, “Astro”nomically bad on the road

There’s No Place Like Road

The Kansas City Royals, a preseason sexy pick for most improved team, stumbled quite badly out of the gate this year.  A 3-2 record to start devolved into a 3-14 disaster thanks in large part to an 0-10 homestand. They’ve recovered a bit (22-29 as of Saturday evening), but they still possess an unusual home/road … Read moreThere’s No Place Like Road

Rolling Two Straight EIGHTS!

Five weeks ago, the Yankees scored seven runs in both the seventh and eighth innings of their comeback win over the Red Sox.  The VORG pounced on the curiosity, and discovered that the Yanks nearly set a major league record, as explained here: But seven isn’t quite the record . . . we’ve had an … Read moreRolling Two Straight EIGHTS!

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