When a Team’s Batters (or Pitchers) experience Deja Vu

Quite often, you’ll be listening to a baseball broadcast and hear the announcer say something like “they’ve gone 7 games without giving up more than 4 runs” or “that’s five straight games scoring at least 6 runs in each game”. Well, you never seem to hear any mention of those streaks in which a team … Read more

Now Here is a Linescore You Don’t See Every Day!

Not all no-hitters are the same. According to Retrosheet records, there have been 193 instances of a team being no-hit in major league history (they have linescore records for 1918 through 2010).  Not surprisingly, in 180 of those games, the team being no-hit also scored no runs (see table below), leading to the linescore 0-0-x, … Read more

Yankees and A’s considered Prime Number Suspects

Remember a few weeks ago, when the Mets beat the Tigers by the “perfect square” score of 16-9?  I promised at that point that I’d discuss “prime number” score games.  Well, we had one last Friday night.  The Yanks pummeled the A’s 17-7. If you need a refresher on the concept of a prime number, … Read more

New and Improved “Pitching a Perfect (Square) Game” (now with extra squareness!)

Almost immediately after I posted about the Tigers-Mets game that ended with “perfect square” scores, reader Ember Nickel correctly pointed out that I failed to include “zero” as a valid “perfect square” score.  So, let’s recalculate our “perfect square” table:  VISITOR HOME 0 1 4 9 16 TOT 0 129 1826 1408 324 19 3706 … Read more

The Most Popular Scores in Baseball History

On the heels of the Craig Calcaterra-inspired “7-3 score day” post, there was a request for the most frequent final scores in baseball history.  Fortunately, the VORG is prepared with the Retrosheet game logs of most every contest from 1871-2010, so one crosstab of home and visitor scores later, and I’ve determined there have been … Read more

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