A Win, a Loss (ad infinitum)

The New York Jets set an NFL record this weekend despite losing to the Bills 37-14.  As ESPN.com reported: “The Jets (5-5), coming off their bye, continued their string of inconsistent outings by becoming the NFL’s first team to alternate wins and losses through the first 10 games of the season.” This got the VORG … Read moreA Win, a Loss (ad infinitum)

Michael Wacha: Is He a Man or a Muppet?

Cardinals rookie hurler Michael Wacha is impressing America through his dominant performance in the playoffs.  He’s also gotten the attention of fans through his last name, which is a homophone of the catch-phrase of Fozzie Bear, a character on The Muppet Show”, as seen here: Fans are bringing “Fozzie Bear Wacha Wacha” signs to the … Read moreMichael Wacha: Is He a Man or a Muppet?

Miami Unsound RBI Machine

The 2013 Marlins trot out one of the worst offenses seen in many years.  They’ve scored 455 runs in their first 139 games, 69 runs fewer than the next lowest squad (White Sox at 524).  At their current 3.27 runs per game, they’ll tally 530 runs this year.  There’s been only one team to score … Read moreMiami Unsound RBI Machine

Keeping the Director of Player Personnel Busy

The Yankees have somehow managed to stay above .500 despite numerous injuries to key contributors.  They’ve already had 50 different players suit up for them in 2013, just one short of the franchise record, and we haven’t even had the September call-ups: Year W L W-L% Finish #Bat  2008 89 73 .549 3rd of 5 … Read moreKeeping the Director of Player Personnel Busy

The VORG’s All-Haiku 1st-Half Review/2nd-Half Preview

With the All-Star Break winding down, its time to step back, take a deep breath and analyze what has happened so far this season.  Of course, the VORG will be doing this in traditional Japanese poetic verse. Red Sox Lackey’s resurgence Offsets absence of Buchholz Will it be enough? Rays Lost their Shields but no … Read moreThe VORG’s All-Haiku 1st-Half Review/2nd-Half Preview

Nine Is Not Enough

Friend of the VORG Chris Patrick Morgan messaged me the following question Wednesday: “Whats the record for the most INNINGS a team has played in one season. it only came to mind after sitting thru that 16-inning game for the Giants and the Mets the other night, and realizing the Mets must be threatening that … Read moreNine Is Not Enough

Its the End of Your Name As We Know It

Friend of the VORG (and good personal friend) Jeremy Frank recently asked me: “Cubs tonight have lineup with Castro, Navarro, Soriano and Rizzo. How many lineups have had more ending with O, or what’s the most number of players ending with the same letter?” So we went to our chronological list of lineups from 1871-2012, … Read moreIts the End of Your Name As We Know It

Dodgers Can’t Bring Them Home

The L.A. Dodgers have been having a hellacious time driving in baserunners this season. Going into Monday night’s action, they are tied for sixth in the Majors with a .335 team OBP.  However, they are next to last in runs per game, at 3.47.  So, it shouldn’t surprise you to read that they are 28th in … Read moreDodgers Can’t Bring Them Home

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