Hey Now … You’re an All-Star … Then You’re Out of Baseball

Last time out we found the batters with the most games played without an All-Star Game appearance.  Let’s flip that on its head by now presenting the batters with the fewest career games played with at least one appearance in an All-Star game. We’ll be limiting this to retired players debuting on or after 1933 … Read more

Toiling (and sometimes excelling) in Anonymity

So we’ve come to another All-Star game, and given the ever-expanding rosters, we now have a situation in which one of every eight MLB regulars in an “All-Star”.  But even with roster expansion and the silly rule that every team needs to have at least one representative sent to the game, there HAVE been players … Read more

They Say It’s My Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday, and like any good baseball fan, I want to know which players share my wondrous day.  Not surprisingly, Baseball Reference “has an app for that.”  With it, you can find out the Major Leaguers born on that day, or any other day of your choosing. Let’s highlight the big names … Read more

Ten Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love?

Now that the dust has settled on this year’s Hall of Fame balloting, I thought it would be cool to take a historical look at those players who were on the standard BBWAA ballot at least once, and didn’t receive even one vote.  It turns out there have been exactly 200 of them.  Here are … Read more

Let’s put the “HOF” back in the Hall of Fame!

My Twitter friend docworn (proprietor of the nifty Tigers blog “Walkoff Woodward“) was annoyed by some of the justifications BBWAA members were giving for including or excluding certain players from their Hall of Fame ballot.  He exclaimed: Joshua Worn @docworn  I would like some1 to do a mock HOF ballot based on surnames with HOF … Read more

Be Vewwwwy Quiet . . . We’re Hunting Bwoxtons!

Jonathan Broxton has signed with the Royals, apparently after going on a hunting trip with Jeff Francoeur and Ned Yost.  What might they have been hunting for?: Moose Haas: 91-79 as a Brewer, including 13-3, 3.27 ERA in 1983. Bob Moose: Went 14-3, 2.91 ERA as 21-year-old for 1969 Pirates.  Pitched over 1100 innings in … Read more

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