“Celebrity” Pitching Matchups

Various sports outlets and Twitter folks are noting tonight’s “Ray-Romano” pitching matchup in the Arizona-Cincinnati game. Here are some more “celebrity” pitching matchups that have taken place (thanks to the gamelogs at Retrosheet): DATE VIS HOME VIS P HOME P 19340522 SLN NY1 Dean Smith 19340719 SLN BSN Dean Smith 19360521 SLN NY1 Dean Smith … Read more“Celebrity” Pitching Matchups

Homers by Birthday

Another prompt from the Twitterverse:

 Here are the birthdays with number of players and total homers, followed by the leader for each day (thanks to Baseball Reference and the Lahman Baseball Database):

Read moreHomers by Birthday

Politically-tinged Fantasy Team Names

Its Hot Stove time … and we just got through with a Presidential election, so its the perfect moment to present you with some politically-relevant fantasy team name suggestions: Electoral Hershiser College Government Subsidygordon Presidential Pardonsutton Watergates Brown Majority WHIP Rennie Senate The Georgia Impeach Unearned Runoff Matt West Wing Vida Blue Room SenatoriiHunter Oval … Read morePolitically-tinged Fantasy Team Names

World Series Game Seven Factoids

Well we’ve finally reached the end of the 2016 season, with what should be a very entertaining game seven between the Cubs and Indians.  Here are some “game seven” facts to whet your appetite. Record for most SP K’s in a WS game 7 is 10, done 4 times. Last done by Roger Clemens in … Read moreWorld Series Game Seven Factoids

Most Future Managers in a Lineup

Here’s a topic that was brought to me by friend of the VORG Kurt Blumenau: @dianagram (This inspired by ’62 Mets, who had four appear in their first-ever game. Probably not a record but it got me thinking.) — Kurt, still. (@kblumenau) December 7, 2015 Well it turns out that while four is quite a … Read moreMost Future Managers in a Lineup

VORG Baseball Crossword – 11/28/15

Its been quite a while since we’ve done a baseball crossword here at the VORG.

You can find/solve the puzzle here, or print out a PDF.

puzzle 112815 GRID








1. Chop finely
5. Had 52 doubles and 50 homers in 1995
10. “___ the night before …”
14. 1994 NL Manager of the Year
15. Nabisco cookies
16. LP player
17. ___ Willard, heavyweight champ dethroned by Jack Dempsey
18. Bangladesh’s capital, old-style
19. “-zoic” things
20. Pitched perfect game 5/8/1968
23. ____ Hendriks, recently traded reliever
24. Cereal grain
25. Finished 3rd in 2015 AL MVP vote
31. “That’s ___ …”
34. 180, so to speak
35. Prefix with type
36. Anguish
37. 1987 Costner role
38. Ballpark beverages
40. Coal site
41. Howe or Nehf
42. La ___ Tar Pits
43. Emergency supply
44. ___ White, left fielder on 1970s Yankees teams
45. LF who hit .316/.358/.563 with 31 homers for 1987 Orioles, but didn’t get even one MVP vote
48. Trifling amount
50. Appraiser
51. Yielded only grand slam in All-Star Game history
57. Like a Jekyll/Hyde personality
58. Gindl, Joseph or Thielbar
59. Middle name of Greg Maddux
61. Needle case
62. Zoo heavyweight
63. ____ Martinez, finished 2nd in 1997 AL MVP vote
64. Brain area
65. Up to
66. Won 65 games for Boston Braves from 1946-8

1. Pilgrimage to Mecca
2. ____ Asher, Phillies rookie startiing pitcher
3. 1998 NL MVP
4. Those who employ unscrupulous methods to obtain money
5. Catcher on 1983 World Series-winning Phillies
6. ____ Ramirez, won 11 games for Rays in 2015
7. Poland’s Walesa
8. Fishing spot for Scots
9. Biblical birthright seller
10. Certain sorority member
11. Led from game 1 to 162
12. Way, way off
13. “___ boom bah!”
21. Boy in “Adventure Time” cartoon series
22. Ringo Starr 1975 tune “The ____ Song” (baseball title?)
25. Kind of cycle
26. Dan ____, A’s reliever
27. Le Grand Orange
28. Cloudless
29. Balloon filler
30. ___ and outs
32. On-deck circle accessory
33. Considers
38. Car accessory
39. Always, in verse
40. African mongeese
42. Subject of June 1976 voided trade between A’s and Yankees
43. Mets former home stadium
46. Dweller on the Red Sea
47. “E6” or “F9” on a scorecard
49. “Downtown” ____ Brown, ’60s-’70s outfielder
51. Fiat, for one
52. Almond
53. Jesse ___, former Padre who started 16 games for A’s in 2015
54. Came down
55. Lee ____, Cubs manager with famous post-game rant 4/29/83
56. Doctor Who villainess, with “the”
57. _____ Ennis, Phillies outfielder of 40s and 50s
60. Oui’s opposite









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Lotta Letters in the Lineup

I’m often asked which lineup has had the most letters in it, and I’m going to partially answer that question now. Using the gamelogs from Retrosheet, I have complete batting orders/lineups for roughly 168,000 games from 1911-2013.  I’ve stripped out dashes, spaces, periods, hyphens and other extraneous marks, and present to you the most (and … Read moreLotta Letters in the Lineup

Rarest Scores in MLB History

One cool aspect of an otherwise lackluster Super Bowl was the final score (43-8).  Apparently it was the first game in NFL history to end with that specific score.   That got the VORG wondering which results have never occurred in MLB history.  Culling the game scores from 1900-2013, here are the final scores we’ve … Read moreRarest Scores in MLB History

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