Does Your Team’s W-L Record Have an Impact on the Elections?

After you’ve exhausted all of your reading on the polls regarding tomorrow’s election, you start to read of quirks which might point to one party or another winning the election. So, in that vein, does one specific team’s won-loss record in an election year correlate with who will occupy the White House in the following … Read more

I Don’t Like (insert day of week here)

We’ve discussed the best and worst teams on specific dates within the seasons.  We’ve gone over the best and worst teams on specific days of the week.  Now its time to look at the best and worst single-season records on specific days of the week, inspired by the Braves o-for-their-first-12 Mondays this season. Here are … Read more

Active Franchise Won-Loss Records by Day of Week

Last time out we discussed the best and worst franchise won-loss records for each date of the season.  There’s another way to parse the baseball calendar and that is by the day of the week.   For example, the Braves recently broke a 16-game losing streak on Mondays. So, which franchises perform best and worst on … Read more

Active Franchise Won-Loss Records by Date

The wonderful Red Sox blog “Over the Monster” noted early this past week that the Sox were somehow 0-13 in their last 13 games played on August 15.  They blamed it on uber-Sox fan Ben Affleck, as he celebrates a birthday on that day, and Boston’s 13-game “August 15” losing streak syncs up with the … Read more

How Low can Houston Go?

Five weeks ago, the Houston Astros were 32-43, in fifth place in the NL Central, 9.5 games out of first.  They had scored 316 runs, and allowed 357.  They’ve played 32 games since then, and won . . . 3.  Their 29th loss in those last 32 games came Friday night, a 4-1 decision in … Read more

Catch Me Now I’m Falling

The Mets got off to a surprisingly good start in the first half of the season, sitting at 46-40 (.535) at the All-Star Break.  Some suggested they were “playing over their heads”.  Since then, they have dropped 11 of 12 (.083), including today’s 5-2 loss to the Nationals. Of course, many teams can go through … Read more

Good at home, “Astro”nomically bad on the road

The Astros went 56-106 (.346) in 2011.  They had nowhere to go but up in 2012, and they have, slightly (32-51 (.386) through Thursday). They only won 31 homes games in 2011, but have already notched 23 home victories in 2012.  However, their performance on the road in 2012 is actually worse than 2011 (when … Read more

Decisions Decisions Decisions

A bunch of us were debating the “most valuable Expo of all time” on Twitter in response to this tweet jonahkeri ‏@jonahkeri Interesting debate if Vlad’s done. Who’s the best Expo of all-time, as in contributions only with Expos. Raines? Dawson? Carter? Vlad? I mentioned Steve Rogers, winning pitcher in franchise history.  In going over … Read more

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