Homers by Birthday

Another prompt from the Twitterverse:

 Here are the birthdays with number of players and total homers, followed by the leader for each day (thanks to Baseball Reference and the Lahman Baseball Database):

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Ten Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love? – 2017 Update

After the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot results were announced, I thought it would be cool to take a historical look at those players who were on the standard BBWAA ballot at least once, and didn’t receive even one vote.  I presented the respective “career category leaders” within that group. I did this again with the … Read more

Highest WAR based on Number of Teams Played For

Friend of the VORG Ben Berk posed this question on Twitter: Random curiosity – who were the best players to play for 5+ teams? 6? 7? etc etc @HighHeatStats @dianagram @msimonespn — Ben (@Nebkreb) January 4, 2017 For simplicity sake, I used Baseball Reference’s WAR for determining the “best” players. Here are the batters: Teams … Read more

The VORG Holiday Songbook: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

In 2011, the VORG started rewriting holiday songs by replacing most/all of the lyrics with baseball player names. We began with “12 Days of Christmas“. We then moved onto  “Auld Land Syne“. In 2012, we rewrote the lyrics to “The Dreidel Song“. In 2013, it was a reimagining of “Winter Wonderland”. In 2014, we added … Read more

Cost of “12 Days of Christmas” – Baseball Edition

Perhaps you’ve seen the article each year where they cost out what you’d have to spend to give your beloved each of the items mentioned in “The 12 Days of Christmas“. I thought it would be cool to see if we could come up with the baseball equivalent of this, using ballplayer names.  I had … Read more

Santa’s Reindeer Baseball Namesakes

Here are the closest major or minor league equivalents by name to Santa’s reindeer DASHER: Dasher Troy DANCER: Rolff Dancer PRANCER: Shane Prance VIXEN: Gene Shrewsbury (No “Vixens” in the game; vixen -> shrew) COMET: Mickey Mantle (No “Comets” in the game; Mantle was “The Commerce Comet”) CUPID: Cupid Childs DONNER: Leonard Donner BLITZEN: Terry … Read more

VORG Crossword Puzzle – December 2016

Here is another baseball-heavy crossword puzzle for your entertainment.  As always you can also complete it on-line and as a PDF.












1. ___ Asher, Phillies pitcher 2015-6
5. A lot
10. Alex ___, won 32 games for Rays 2012-4
14. Algebra or trig
15. Milk purchase
16. Darren ___, reliever for Orioles 2012-6
17. Antioxidant berry
18. John ___, 1st round pick of Cardinals in 1974
19. Bank deposit
20. What a good-hitting pitcher might do
23. Dan ___, 2015 retiree who went 153-131 during career
24. Tony ____, led Majors in homers (43) and RBI (123) in 1984
25. Roy ___, went 143-82 for Astros 2001-10
28. “___ It Romantic?”
30. Detective, at times
31. Ron ___, 2012 Hall of Fame inductee by Veterans Committee
33. Pete ___, reserve Braves infielder 2005-7
36. Orioles versus Mets, say
40. Undertake, with “out”
41. Surrounding glows
42. Steve ___, pitcher who died in boat crash 3/22/1993
43. Tom ___, led NL in games finished (62) in 1980
44. Place
46. Jellied garnish
49. Dan ___, reliever on Indians 2016 squad
51. Red Sox opening day third baseman 2001-3
57. Actors
58. Scott ___ 1997 NL Rookie of the Year
59. ____ Moreno, stole 487 bases from 1975-1986
60. Rwandan people
61. Grape seeds
62. ___ carotene
63. Hall-of-Famer Slaughter
64. Jon ___, dealt from Mets to Pirates and back to Mets within 11-month span
65. Again

1. Asian nurse
2. Paper ____, whose best known songs are “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” and “The Night Chicago Died”.
3. And others, for short
4. Current Diamondbacks manager
5. Pipsqueak
6. The billy goat for the Cubs until 2016
7. Sele or Hicks
8. J.D. ___, made over $108 million in career despite only one All-Star appearance
9. ___ Bahnsen, won 21 games in 1972 and lost 21 in 1973
10. Jarred ____, traded three times in five year span
11. Disgrace
12. Corkwood
13. Memory units
21. ___ Morris, finished third in 1990 NL Rookie of the Year vote
22. Birchbark
25. Ray Boone’s middle name
26. All there
27. Mike ___, finished third in 1986 AL Cy Young vote
28. Brandon ___, Tigers 3B during late 2000s
29. ___ Miller, gave up Mickey Mantle’s 500th career home run.
31. Arid
32. One stop from “The Show”
33. Stewpot
34. Commuter line
35. ___ Duren, finished 2nd in 1958 AL Rookie of the Year vote
37. Jon ____, 6’11” pitcher from 2002-13
38. Mike ___, fourth man born and raised in Hawaii to play in the majors
39. The most recent “Biff” in MLB history
43. Break
44. ___ Merullo, Cubs shortstop 1941-7
45. Sun, e.g.
46. Cody ___, recently DFAed by the Phillies
47. ___ Marcum, Blue Jays opening day starting pitcher 2010
48. Basil-based sauce
49. “Downtown” ____ Brown, hit 43 homers for Padres 1969-70
50. Parenting challenges
52. Persia, now
53. Centers of activity
54. “Absolutely!”
55. ___ Colbert, teammate of 49-Down
56. Attraction


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Politically-tinged Fantasy Team Names

Its Hot Stove time … and we just got through with a Presidential election, so its the perfect moment to present you with some politically-relevant fantasy team name suggestions: Electoral Hershiser College Government Subsidygordon Presidential Pardonsutton Watergates Brown Majority WHIP Rennie Senate The Georgia Impeach Unearned Runoff Matt West Wing Vida Blue Room SenatoriiHunter Oval … Read more

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