Unrepeatable (that’s what you are)

You know those “brainy” questions regarding the English language, like “what are the only words you can type with your left hand” (tesseradecades, aftercataracts, sweaterdresses), or “what are the words with all the vowels“?  Well, I’m here to provide you baseball brains with the list of players with no repeated letters in their first and … Read moreUnrepeatable (that’s what you are)

No plate discipline, but likes being disciplined with the pitch?

In this week’s “The Baseball Show with Rany and Joe” podcast, it was mentioned that the Brewers’ Nyjer Morgan has more HBPs (9) than walks (7, in 266 at-bats, as of 8/18).  Its a bit of a statistical aberration for Morgan, as through the 2010 season, he had amassed 23 HBPs versus 99 walks. Regardless, … Read moreNo plate discipline, but likes being disciplined with the pitch?

Here’s the throw . . . here’s the play at the plate!

Today’s Orioles/A’s game ended on a play at the plate (no one was injured in the making of this play).  Immediately after Kurt Suzuki tagged out pinch-runner Blake Davis, the Twitterverse exploded with “wow, what a way to end the game!” blasts.  Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein opined: @Kevin_Goldstein Awesome ending in Oakland. Last out at … Read moreHere’s the throw . . . here’s the play at the plate!

Nibbled to Death by Solo Homers

CC Sabathia served up five solo homers tonight in what turned out to be a 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Plenty of pitchers have given up five homers in a start.  A few of those starts featured five solo homers as part of a larger run tally.  But Sabathia became just the seventh … Read moreNibbled to Death by Solo Homers

Aerosmith line 1, call for Aerosmith …

Two consecutive tweets just now, by David Lennon, Mets beat writer for Newsday: @DPLennon David Lennon Gee broke Nady’s left hand with that hit by pitch. @DPLennon David Lennon No sooner do the D-Backs announce Nady’s broken hand, and Kennedy nails Duda on hip with next pitch. ——————————————- If this becomes THE story of the … Read moreAerosmith line 1, call for Aerosmith …

Vowels “batting” first and second in a name

A fellow named Nate Eovaldi made his major league debut a few nights ago for the Dodgers.  Pitched five innings, struck out seven, even got a hit and scored a run.  A nice beginning to a career. But what’s most important about his debut, from a VORG standpoint, is that he is the first “Eo”-anything … Read moreVowels “batting” first and second in a name

When a Team’s Batters (or Pitchers) experience Deja Vu

Quite often, you’ll be listening to a baseball broadcast and hear the announcer say something like “they’ve gone 7 games without giving up more than 4 runs” or “that’s five straight games scoring at least 6 runs in each game”. Well, you never seem to hear any mention of those streaks in which a team … Read moreWhen a Team’s Batters (or Pitchers) experience Deja Vu

Introducing the π Young Award

The exploits of Cy Young are immortalized in the annual award bearing his name. Each year, the top hurlers in both leagues are given this award, but not without some controversy over the merits of one pitcher versus another. “Pitcher A had more wins than Pitcher B. But pitcher C had more strikeouts and less … Read moreIntroducing the π Young Award

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