Yankees and A’s considered Prime Number Suspects

Remember a few weeks ago, when the Mets beat the Tigers by the “perfect square” score of 16-9?  I promised at that point that I’d discuss “prime number” score games.  Well, we had one last Friday night.  The Yanks pummeled the A’s 17-7. If you need a refresher on the concept of a prime number, … Read more

KIPNIS plays well with others … other letters that is

The Cleveland Indians, in desperate need of some offense given their recent rash of injuries, last week called up their top prospect, 2B Jason Kipnis. While the VORG applauds this move for baseball reasons, it also makes good sense for Scrabble purposes. You see, many tournament Scrabble players like to study what are called “stems”.  … Read more

Why the NL Central is Up for Grabs

You could say the NL Central race is competitive. You could also say the NL Central race is evenly-matched. You should say the NL Central race is a battle of mediocrity, featuring one team exceeding all expectations (Pirates), one team slightly underperforming expectations (Brewers), one team underperforming expectations greatly (Reds) and one team doing as … Read more

Little Altuve Tall in the Saddle

Baseball has long been a sport for persons of slightly above average height.  Through the decades, the average height of a player has increased from about 5’10” (in the 1900s) to just under 6’2″ (in the 2000s). So when a “vertical outlier” comes upon the scene, he tends to draw a bit more attention.  Such … Read more

Will Jeter’s 3,000th be a 38 Special?

Derek Jeter is indeed in the lineup tonight for the Yankees, despite the statistical possibility of his getting the four hits necessary to reach 3,000, away from home. For those of you wondering, the 37-year-old Jeter has . . 37 games with four or more hits in his career, including two this season. Date Opp … Read more

New and Improved “Pitching a Perfect (Square) Game” (now with extra squareness!)

Almost immediately after I posted about the Tigers-Mets game that ended with “perfect square” scores, reader Ember Nickel correctly pointed out that I failed to include “zero” as a valid “perfect square” score.  So, let’s recalculate our “perfect square” table:  VISITOR HOME 0 1 4 9 16 TOT 0 129 1826 1408 324 19 3706 … Read more

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