Fun with Ryan Schimpf’s Stats

Friend of the VORG and ESPN SweetSpot Senior Writer David Schoenfield with some love for a wacky stat line: Ryan Schimpf is on pace to hit .156 with 41 home runs and 104 walks and for the love of the baseball gods I hope he keeps it up. — David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield) May 3, 2017 … Read more

Adam Dunn Does Not Like Sacrificing Flies

While recently admiring the statistical oddities of Adam Dunn‘s career (beyond his “TTO” status and the four consecutive seasons of exactly 40 homers), I stumbled upon a factoid that baffled and befuddled me.  In 2004, “The Big Donkey,” while hitting 46 dingers and driving in 102, failed to knock anyone in via a sac fly. … Read more

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