All those Errors but no Unearned Runs

Friend of the VORG Dan Wachtell alerted me to the fact that the Astros managed to commit five errors Thursday night in a 10-1 loss, but those errors did not lead to even a single unearned run.  Dan wondered if that was a record for most errors without yielding an unearned run. With my Retrosheet … Read moreAll those Errors but no Unearned Runs

Its Like They Never Left

When it comes to coming up with the opening and final series of each season, the MLB schedule makers generally try for natural intradivision rivalries . . . Red Sox and Yankees, Cubs and Cardinals, Dodgers and Giants.  In the era of daily interleague play, that becomes a bit harder.  For example, the Phillies are … Read moreIts Like They Never Left

The Anagrammatic Battery

It was just a quiet Friday night.  Jarred Cosart had been called up for his big league debut with the Astros, and then my Twitter feed went nuts: Sam Miller @SamMillerBP holy cow via @suss2hyphens Cosart and his catcher Castro are anagrams Bradley Ankrom @bsankr @SamMillerBP how was @dianagram not on top of this? Chris … Read moreThe Anagrammatic Battery

Teams with the Worst Plate Discipline of All Time

As of Saturday morning, the Houston Astros offense has accrued all of five walks (against 56 strikeouts) in their first four games.  While it is unlikely they will continue to average 1.25 walks and 14 strikeouts per game, their extremely youthful and hack-happy lineup will likely make a run at the title of worst plate … Read moreTeams with the Worst Plate Discipline of All Time

One Player’s Saves greater than Another Team’s Wins

This afternoon the Orioles’ Jim Johnson notched his 41st save of 2012, nailing down a 5-3 win over the White Sox.  That save puts him temporarily ahead of the Astros total wins (40) this year. If Johnson can keep the Astros in his rearview mirror, he’ll join a select group of closers.  Here are the … Read moreOne Player’s Saves greater than Another Team’s Wins

No Relief for Breaking Brad

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we examined the record-setting “one-batter” relievers.  Apparently Astros’ manager Brad Mills reads the VORG, as he decided to go and set a one-game record for one-batter relievers last night during Houston’s 4-3 win over the Mets.  Mills used five relievers for just one batter apiece, breaking … Read moreNo Relief for Breaking Brad

Astro-nomical Miles to Go Before They Sleep

Just a quick post to point out that with the announcement of the move of the Astros to the AL West as soon as 2013, we’ll see the Houston club make longer trips to face their in-division rivals. Miles from Houston NL Central – 2011 Cubs 946 Reds 893 Brewers 1005 Pirates 1138 Cards 680 … Read moreAstro-nomical Miles to Go Before They Sleep

Brewing up some good home cookin’

The red-hot Milwaukee Brewers ran their home record to a gaudy 50-16 this afternoon with a 3-2 decision over the Chicago Cubs.  Meanwhile, another of their division opponents, the Houston Astros, managed to secure their 44th total victory on the season with a 4-3, 11-inning win over the Giants. So, it made we wonder how … Read moreBrewing up some good home cookin’

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