A Pitcher’s Best Friend, times 1.5

Last night, the Yankees pulled off a triple play, the third one completed in back of CC Sabathia in the last four years. Your browser does not support iframes. This got me wondering what the record is, from the pitcher’s perspective, for most triple plays “induced”.  Using the Baseball Reference Play Index (a fantastic resource … Read moreA Pitcher’s Best Friend, times 1.5

Heavyweight Pitching Matchups

In Atlanta this evening, 285-pound Bartolo Colon is facing off against 260-pound Aaron Harang.  That got Stuart Johnson thinking, and good friend of the VORG Mark Simon putting out the “bat signal” . . . Stuart Johnson @stujo11 Bartolo Colon (listed 285 lbs) and Aaron Harang (260 lbs) square off tonight. Wonder what the heaviest … Read moreHeavyweight Pitching Matchups

It Could be a Good RotAAAAAtion

With the signing of Masahiro Tanaka today, the Yankees added a much-needed arm to their questionable staff.  If Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova join Hiroki Kuroda, CC Sabathia and Tanaka in the rotation, the Bombers could break Spring Training with every one of their starting pitchers having a last name ending in “A”.  How often … Read moreIt Could be a Good RotAAAAAtion

Weighty Match-up Matters

Friday’s Giants/Yankees game in New York should feature Tim Lincecum versus CC Sabathia.  With Lincecum listed at 170 pounds and Sabathia at 290 (at least on Baseball Reference, with the proviso that these weights aren’t updated very often if at all), there is a 120-pound difference between the opposing hurlers. Sabathia is a part of … Read moreWeighty Match-up Matters

All-Initial Matchup Sunday Night

Sunday night’s matchup between the Mets and Yankees looks to be a good one, as both teams are playing well overall and CC Sabathia opposes the remarkable R.A. Dickey. Of course, the VORG finds the “initials as first names” of the pitchers intriguing.  Here are the men with initials for their first names that have … Read moreAll-Initial Matchup Sunday Night

Nibbled to Death by Solo Homers

CC Sabathia served up five solo homers tonight in what turned out to be a 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Plenty of pitchers have given up five homers in a start.  A few of those starts featured five solo homers as part of a larger run tally.  But Sabathia became just the seventh … Read moreNibbled to Death by Solo Homers

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