Zee Matchup was Zee Wonderful

Another day, another question for the VORG from the Twitterverse: Ruben Lipszyc @BaseballRuben Is Ziegler vs Zunino the highest alphabetical matchup in baseball history? Opposite of Aardsma vs Aaron if they ever faced each other? Doug Kern @dakern74 @BaseballRuben @dianagram   Ruben Lipszyc @BaseballRuben @dakern74 @dianagram Is Diane going to look this up for me? … Read moreZee Matchup was Zee Wonderful

Players with Same First/Last Letter in First/Last Name

Another day, another question via the wonderful world of Twitter: Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick Tough name question relating to Oswaldo Arcia. Other players with both first and last name starting and ending with same letter. Jon Roegele @MLBPlayerAnalys @neal_kendrick David Aardsma Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick @MLBPlayerAnalys yep, somebody got that one. You guys are much better at … Read morePlayers with Same First/Last Letter in First/Last Name

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