Doubleheaders with Same Linescores

Tuesday, the Mets lost both ends of a doubleheader to the Pirates by the same score, 3-1. The Pirates had a 3-10-0 linescore in each game while the Mets themselves nearly had the same linescore in both games. They were off by a grand total of 2 “pips” (1 fewer hit and 1 more error): … Read moreDoubleheaders with Same Linescores

Catchers Working Doubleheaders Behind the Dish

During Saturday’s SABR Day event in New York City, panelists Dave Anderson, Dave Kaplan and Lindsay Berra (eldest granddaughter of Yogi Berra) were discussing the magic that was Lawrence Peter Berra. Among all his awards and statistical records, it was noted that Berra started and played catcher in both games of 117 doubleheaders.

This stat floored most of the audience, myself included.  I knew that back in the day, men were men and catchers routinely caught 150+ games in a year.  But I also knew there were many more scheduled doubleheaders and why wouldn’t a manager rest his number one backstop for one of those games. I decided to check on the accuracy of that 117 doubleheader stat.

I parsed out all the doubleheaders from the Retrosheet game logs of 1911-2015 (which includes those with complete lineups), and then searched for instances in which the catcher in game one was the same one in game two.  Not only did Berra catch both ends of 117 doubleheaders, by my count, he caught 28 more, for a staggering total of 145.

Here is the list of all players to catch both games of a doubleheader, along with the number of times they did that.  Note that the current poster boy for indefatigability, the Royals Salvador Perez, hasn’t been called upon to catch both ends of a twinbill:

Read moreCatchers Working Doubleheaders Behind the Dish

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