The VORG’s “Electile Dysfunction” Team

Election Day is finally here.  If you had trouble voting, be it from long lines, voter suppression efforts, ballot tampering or something similar, the VORG feels your pain.  To commemorate the difficulty in this civil process, the VORG presents its “Electile Dysfunction” team.  Vote early (and often) for these players! Commissioner: Kenesaw Landis (Judge) Mgr.: … Read more

Does Your Team’s W-L Record Have an Impact on the Elections?

After you’ve exhausted all of your reading on the polls regarding tomorrow’s election, you start to read of quirks which might point to one party or another winning the election. So, in that vein, does one specific team’s won-loss record in an election year correlate with who will occupy the White House in the following … Read more

Out of Baseball and into Politics

Come Tuesday, the long, arduous and sometimes bitter battle for the White House will come to an end, as voting for the next President of the United States will wind down. There have been quite a few former Major League players who have gone on to serve public office.  Beyond judgeships, clerks and the like, … Read more

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