The VORG’s All-Haiku 2014 Season Preview

At ESPN.COM and around the web, you’ll see season previews full of projections, tables, diagrams and paragraphs explaining why your team will or will not be playing in October. I offer you this condensed analysis, via traditional Japanese poetic verse. Orioles O’s sign up for Cruz But its their pitching that will Stall their ship … Read more

The VORG’s All-Haiku 1st-Half Review/2nd-Half Preview

With the All-Star Break winding down, its time to step back, take a deep breath and analyze what has happened so far this season.  Of course, the VORG will be doing this in traditional Japanese poetic verse. Red Sox Lackey’s resurgence Offsets absence of Buchholz Will it be enough? Rays Lost their Shields but no … Read more

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