Recycled Batteries

At the seventh annual Saberseminar this past weekend at Boston University, attendees were entertained and informed by the event’s emcee, Chicago White Sox play-by-play announcer Jason Benetti. Periodcally, Benetti would make note of a “Recycled Battery” receptacle in the lecture hall. He asked if anyone had extra batteries to dispose of, and then started asking … Read moreRecycled Batteries

MLBers . . . Minus One Letter

Friend of the VORG High Heat Stats asked me the following question recently:

@dianagram with NFL player Whitner dropping the W from his name, can you come up with a list of MLB players whose names from real words when dropping the first letter? I already have Mackey Sasser 🙂

In case you missed this, Donte Whitner of the 49ers is apparently changing his last name to Hitner, as a testament to his umm . . . hard-hitting style on the field (he’s been fined $21,000 by the NFL for a hard hit during a recent game).

So, here are the MLB players whose last names make real words when you drop the first letter.  You can see that Elroy Face should have been an ACE, Josh Thole has a HOLE in his swing, Dave Winfield should have played the INFIELD, etc.

Read moreMLBers . . . Minus One Letter

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