Miami Unsound RBI Machine

The 2013 Marlins trot out one of the worst offenses seen in many years.  They’ve scored 455 runs in their first 139 games, 69 runs fewer than the next lowest squad (White Sox at 524).  At their current 3.27 runs per game, they’ll tally 530 runs this year.  There’s been only one team to score … Read more

Three Homers for You, A Loss for your Team

Miguel Cabrera’s three-homer game last night was the 86th instance of a player hitting three or more homers in a contest that his team lost.  This is the second time Cabrera launched three homers in a loss.  Johnny Mize had the most games like this in his career (4). Here are the games that a … Read more

Which Triple Crown are we Speaking Of?

Tonight Miguel Cabrera may become the 14th player to achieve baseball’s Triple Crown.   But baseball isn’t the only sport with a Triple Crown.   In America, the other well-known Triple Crown is for thoroughbred racing.  Only 11 horses have reached that plateau. So, how many baseball Triple Crown winners have a thoroughbred namesake (not … Read more