Most Popular First Names in Baseball History – by Birth Decade

I went to Target Field last week as part of the SABR annual convention, and got to see a fellow named Liam Hendriks pitch for the Twins.  Liam, while a relatively popular name in the UK, is an uncommon name here in the US (William being the much more common variant).  Mr. Hendriks is the … Read more

Fun with the names in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft

I’ll leave the hard-core analysis of the recently-completed draft to the professionals. Let’s stick to the minutia of the names, shall we? There were 1,238 players drafted. Most popular last names: Smith (13), Johnson (12), Jones (9). Most popular first names: Michael (29), Tyler (23), Ryan (23). Longest last name: (Alfredo) Escalera-Maldonado (17 letters plus … Read more

VORG Trivia: Initial Impressions

Its time for a new feature here at the VORG.  A tough trivia quiz. The title of this quiz is:  Initial Impressions.  Every answer is the name of a person whose first name is/was initials, like R.A. Dickey, CC Sabathia, etc.  Answers will be revealed tomorrow. In one of the more memorable three-for–one trades of … Read more

And the 2012 March Moniker Madness Winner Is . . .

512 names, 514 polls, 21,092 votes cast . . . and in the end, it was the 5 foot 7, 154-pound catcher pictured above, with a career line of .223/.268/.283 in 654 plate appearances that walked away with the 2012 March Moniker Madness title. Congrats to William Martin Dillhoefer, better known as Pickles Dillhoefer! Thanks … Read more

They have an SP1 through 5, but no A,E,I,O,Us.

It started out, as it so often does, as a simple, innocent tweet.  Carrie Muskat, MLB.COM Cubs beat writer, tweeted the following Thursday afternoon: Carrie Muskat ‏ @CarrieMuskat Rotation order will be Demp, Garza, Samardzija, Volstad and Maholm. #Cubs I instantly noticed something cool/odd about that list and retweeted with this note: dianagram ‏ @dianagram … Read more

March Moniker Madness – FINAL FOUR

After developing an initial field of 512 names and going through weeks of preliminary rounds to get down to a more standard bracket of 64, and four more rounds after THAT, we’re finally finalizing our Final Four (with infinite finality!). *PDF of 64-name bracket to date* Let’s introduce the four participants: Rusty Kuntz Region: Sound … Read more

Its time for the Elite Eight in March Moniker Madness

A couple of 1-seeds finally fell in the regional semis in the Madness, with Johnny Dickshot finally petering out in the Sounds Dirty bracket, and Kila Ka’aihue’s Spelling Bee charge to the title getting lost in translation.  Only two regions had their top two seeds make the regional finals, and the “Spelling Bee” regional final … Read more

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