The VORG’s Football Terminology Roster

Sunday gives us the first weekend of the new NFL season.  To help celebrate this “other” sport, the VORG presents the following list of MLB and MILB names that have associations with pigskins: C: Frank Sacka, Wesley Holder, Kick Kelly, Robert Counterman, Bruno Block P: Claude Passeau, Pete Center, Brandon Backe, Harold Tackleson, Eddie Guardado, … Read moreThe VORG’s Football Terminology Roster

A Win, a Loss (ad infinitum)

The New York Jets set an NFL record this weekend despite losing to the Bills 37-14.  As reported: “The Jets (5-5), coming off their bye, continued their string of inconsistent outings by becoming the NFL’s first team to alternate wins and losses through the first 10 games of the season.” This got the VORG … Read moreA Win, a Loss (ad infinitum)

MLBers . . . Minus One Letter

Friend of the VORG High Heat Stats asked me the following question recently:

@dianagram with NFL player Whitner dropping the W from his name, can you come up with a list of MLB players whose names from real words when dropping the first letter? I already have Mackey Sasser 🙂

In case you missed this, Donte Whitner of the 49ers is apparently changing his last name to Hitner, as a testament to his umm . . . hard-hitting style on the field (he’s been fined $21,000 by the NFL for a hard hit during a recent game).

So, here are the MLB players whose last names make real words when you drop the first letter.  You can see that Elroy Face should have been an ACE, Josh Thole has a HOLE in his swing, Dave Winfield should have played the INFIELD, etc.

Read moreMLBers . . . Minus One Letter

Are you ready for some Football/Baseball?

The 2012 NFL regular season has begun, but the baseball pennant races are also competing for our attention.  To address these dueling pastimes, the VORG offers you the names of current or former baseball players (1871-2011) who had a football counterpart active in the NFL in 2011: MLBer               … Read moreAre you ready for some Football/Baseball?

Are you ready for some football during the pennant races?

With this being the opening weekend of the NFL, I thought we should find some football-type baseball scores.  So, after parsing out the Sunday games that feature multiples of 7s and 3s, here are the highest “football-like” scores in MLB history. Topping our list is two instances of 31 runs (21-10, 17-14).  The 21-10 game … Read moreAre you ready for some football during the pennant races?

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