World Series Game Seven Factoids

Well we’ve finally reached the end of the 2016 season, with what should be a very entertaining game seven between the Cubs and Indians.  Here are some “game seven” facts to whet your appetite. Record for most SP K’s in a WS game 7 is 10, done 4 times. Last done by Roger Clemens in … Read moreWorld Series Game Seven Factoids

Teams with Same Linescore in Consecutive Games

Friend of the VORG James Smyth, Wednesday afternoon … Air the @dianagram Siren: Yankees have 5 runs, 9 hits, 0 errors for all 3 games of their series in Seattle — James Smyth (@JamesSmyth621) August 24, 2016 Now I have my own “Bat signal”?  Cool! So, using the Retrosheet gamelogs, I’ve determined that the Yankees … Read moreTeams with Same Linescore in Consecutive Games

VORG’S International Left-handers Day Salute

Did you know that August 13 is Lefthanders Day? As per Wikipedia: As the name suggests, it is meant to promote awareness of the inconveniences facing left-handers in a predominantly right-handed world. It celebrates their uniqueness and differences, who are from seven to ten percent of the world’s population. Thousands of left-handed people in today’s … Read moreVORG’S International Left-handers Day Salute

The “First Half” Record Holders

A couple of weeks ago on Sunday Night Baseball, John Kruk mentioned how the “first half” of the season doesn’t really match up with the “All-Star Break” anymore.  Now, loyal readers of the VORG will remember that we covered this in detail last year.  The phrase “Most ____ by the All-Star Break” is relatively meaningless … Read moreThe “First Half” Record Holders

Who Moved My All-Star Break?

We’re in the last week prior to the 2013 All-Star Break, and with it will come the usual pronouncements of some player setting a record for most ____ by the Break.  Now of course, the actual date of All-Star Break moves around quite a bit, but its generally the beginning of the second week of July.    Here’s a breakdown of the actual dates of the All-Star Game, excluding 1981 (when it was held after the end of the strike) and the dates of the second of the two games played each year from 1959-1962:

DATE Count Pct.
7/11 11 13.9
7/13 11 13.9
7/10 9 11.4
7/9 8 10.1
7/12 7 8.9
7/8 7 8.9
7/14 5 6.3
7/7 5 6.3
7/15 4 5.1
7/6 4 5.1
7/16 2 2.5
7/23 2 2.5
7/17 1 1.3
7/19 1 1.3
7/24 1 1.3
7/25 1 1.3
Total 79 100.0

Take that and add in that fact that the teams all play a different number of games prior to the break, and it renders “Most ____ by the Break” statements kind of weak (at least without many caveats).  Here is the percentage of each season’s games actually played prior to the Break from 1933-2012, excluding strike years:


As you can see, prior to the 1950s, the Break generally occurred with less than 50% of the season completed.  That dramatically changed during the last 60s and early 70s, before dropping back under 50% in the early 1980s.  The percentage has been trending upward since then, with the last season that had a break before 50% of games played occurring in 1991.  (This represents games actually played based on rainouts/postponements, rather than the original schedule, but the percentages based on the original schedule didn’t differ significantly.)

Read moreWho Moved My All-Star Break?

Leap Year Leaders

Wednesday is Leap Day and to “celebrate”, the VORG hereby presents the single-season record holders specifically restricted to Leap Years. I limited this to post-1900, if you’re wondering . . . STAT LEADER RECORD YEAR AVG Rogers Hornsby .424 1924 OBP Barry Bonds .609 2004 SLG Babe Ruth .847 1920 OPS Barry Bonds 1.422 2004 … Read moreLeap Year Leaders

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