Highest Scrabble Score of Starting Batteries

A couple of nights ago, a fellow named “thedeejus” had this Reedit post on highest Scrabble score batteries. It came with this caveat Edit: this is last names only, forgot to mention that in the title. Also, I kind of cheated and only checked to see whether they were teammates, not whether they actually played … Read moreHighest Scrabble Score of Starting Batteries

A.A. Milne meets Yu Darvish

Do you like the Homerun Derby in MLB: The Show? Do you like/remember Winnie the Pooh? Can you vaguely interpret Japanese? Did you ever wish you could combine these three seemingly disparate entities? Well my honey-loving, poly-lingual, virtual baseball friends . . . you are in luck. The folks at Reedit have stumbled upon “Winnie the … Read moreA.A. Milne meets Yu Darvish

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