The Most Deceptive Saves of All Time?

The “save” is one of those stats that raises the ire of the sabermetrically-inclined, due to its being sometimes credited in less than high leverage spots. Today, a relief pitcher is awarded a save when he meets all three of the following conditions: He is the finishing pitcher in a game won by his club; … Read moreThe Most Deceptive Saves of All Time?

More Saves than Ks

Yesterday I wrote about Jim Johnson having more saves than the Astros have wins.  Well, over at TheScore, yours truly got mentioned in their article on the same topic.  In the comments section of that post, a reader named “Hendo” opined: But how many guys have saved more games than K’s? J. Johnson has 41 … Read moreMore Saves than Ks

One and Done

When I wrote about Jack Spring a few weeks ago, reader Kurt Blumenau tweeted the following to me: @dianagram I noticed Mr. Spring’s 1963 season — 45 G, 38 IP. Was he LOOGY before LOOGY was cool? I was intrigued by this possibility, and searched the web for any existing analyses of this.  It turns … Read moreOne and Done

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