(Almost) Historic Batting Line Occurs in Last Night’s Rays/Marlins Game

I got home last night to find an alert from my friend Dan, regarding a very rare 0-4-0-0 batting line by Carlos Pena.  I skimmed the box score, and (perhaps in a bit of wishcasting) read Pena’s line as 0-4-0-0.  I posted about it, as Pena would be only the fourth member of the 0-4-0-0 … Read more

Canonical Record of Batting Lines – 1918-2011 (Part 3 – The Two ABs)

We’re up to the “two at-bats” listing in the journey through every starter’s AB-R-H-RBI batting line from 1918-2011. We should just call this group the “Barry Bonds,” as he claims sole possession of five unique batting lines. 1918-2011 STARTERS’ GAME LINES – Two ABs AB R H RBI COUNT LEADER(S) TIMES 2 0 0 0 … Read more

Canonical Record of Batting Lines – 1918-2011 (Part 2 – The One ABs)

A few days ago we started listing the counts of all the various batting lines accumulated by starting players from 1918-2011. We tackled the “zero at-bat” totals there, so its time for the “one at-bat” group. Even more pronounced than the composition of the  “zero” group, there are plenty of legendary sluggers here (Ruth, Bonds, … Read more

Canonical Record of Batting Lines – 1918-2011 (Part 1 – The Zero ABs)

Many of us fondly remember opening up the newspaper each morning to see how our favorite teams and players did the prior day.  In those lines of agate type, we were able to discern to some degree if (insert “your guy” here) was a hero or a goat.  Usually this was through four simple numbers, … Read more

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